4 Dog Basket Beds To Go For

Happiness is a warm puppy!

Dogs spread unconditional love and happiness all around. So, when it comes to taking care of them, don’t forget the dog basket beds that keep these kind souls warm and comfy during their sleep. There are many advantages to having dog basket beds. Dogs can use them for napping during the day and as well as sleeping in at night. As well as offering a more chic natural look, dog basket beds are ideal for making your dog feel like it is in a cocoon, thanks to their higher sides.

So, why not provide them with a space that they have all to themselves with these dog basket beds?

Here are the 4 Go-to dog basket beds in the UK for every dog parent!

Napier Grass Dog Bed | Natural

With this elegant dog basket bed, you can treat your puppy to extra care and warmth. This extra stylish dog basket bed is available in three sizes. Choose the one that best fits your dog’s size. The best part about this dog basket bed is that it’s 100% natural and handwoven using hard-wearing Veta Vera grass which is sustainably grown. Natural coloured dyes are used to make varying tones. This basket will definitely bring your doggy all the comfort, warmth and cosy time it needs!

Tip – If your basket is misshaped, all you need to do is simply wet it and leave it for 5 minutes. Re-mould it with your hands and leave to dry fully.

Napier Grass Dog Bed | Yellow

This amazing dog basket bed is handmade using 100% natural materials, like elephant grass, natural coloured dyes and ethically sourced leather. The fascinating yellow colour is something which makes it unique from other dog bed baskets. If you’re a dog mom who wants something vibrant for your doggo, then this is what you must go for. The pattern, size and colour of the dog bed basket is made keeping in mind all types of pups.

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Tip– This dog bed basket comes without a pad and its recommended for indoor use only.

Napier Grass Dog Bed | Green

There are different types of dog parents. If you’re the kind who prefers to use all-natural products and accessories for their pooch, then you should go for this Napier Grass Dog Bed available in green colour. It’s really soothing on the eyes and will connect your dog to nature. The green colour is symbolic of naturality, good luck, tranquillity and health.

Tip -The sizes of the dog bed baskets are all approximate.

Napier Grass Dog Bed | Orange

Provide your pooch with all the joys and sunshine with this grass dog bed basket available in orange colour. Every dog parent wants comfort, warmth and happiness for their hound. And if you’re one such human being, you must check out this amazing dog basket bed made especially for your cute little puppy. Nothing could ever go wrong with this amazing grass dog bed basket.

Tip– You can keep any breed of dog in this dog bed basket.

Dogs are our best friends, prove to them that you are too!

Give your adorable tail-waggers all the comfort you can!


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