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4 Essential Advertising Tips For Your Brand Development

Today, there is no lack of means to make yourself known. With the Internet, we all have the advantage of being accessible to everyone and available almost everywhere. Having such privilege by your side, nothing can prevent you from multiplying the actions for more efficiency and getting closer to your clients, as soon as necessary.

But above all, it is a question of finding the right methods of advertising. To help you, here we bring four critical tips to create a successful advertising strategy for your brand.

Tip 1# Make Use of Mainstream Media – Both New and Traditional

Media communication includes the press, radio, posters, film and television, and now the Internet. The cost of mainstream media remains quite high (radio, cinema, TV), especially at the national level. Therefore, first, it is necessary to define a dedicated budget. The regional or specialized press, local radios, or non-media communication tools are less expensive and much more attractive for reaching a limited circle of customers or prospects. So, make your choice between the various existing means of communication and unleash their true potential.

Tip 2# Choose Local or Affinity Supports

To create awareness for your brand – what’s a better way than to start in your own area? Go for local newspapers. If, in addition, these have sections on your industry, such as a cooking blog for a jam seller, you will kill two birds with one stone.

You can also opt for digital advertising like press release distribution services and others. However, it is better to find out beforehand about the traffic on the sites and the quality of their content to determine whether it is wise to invest time and money. Moreover – why not also consider forming partnerships with other companies in the region for an exchange of visibility? Or joint promotional actions?

This will have a significant impact if you choose the right company like Geraci media group. They offer the best press release distribution and other online brand developing services.

Tip 3 # Don’t Neglect Social Networks

Facebook alone has 5.1.62 billion users. Around 74% of them use it every single day. Moreover, thousands of new people connect to Facebook every week. Now think of all the social networks collectively – Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and even Snapchat. Beyond any doubt, it is a good entry point to develop the visibility of your site and to create an online presence while aggregating and retaining a community. Depending on your sector and target audience, choose the right platform, and watch it do wonders for you.

Tip 4 # Employ The Four Main Traffic Levers

1. Buying Sponsored Links On Search Engines

The paid search, also known as search engine advertising or SEA, is a privileged means to promote brands on the Internet. Advertising on Google, in particular, allows generating qualified traffic on the site and excellent visibility. Indeed, ads often appear before the results of conventional searches, making your website more visible than competitors. But, it is quite expensive if compared to other forms of advertising.

2. Email Marketing And Newsletter

Direct E-mailing can be used in prospecting, to attract Internet users to a showcase site or an online store. Or you can also use it to build up a base of potential customers to whom you can subsequently offer your services. Much cheaper than other advertisements, it suffers from a fairly low opening rate, varying between 10% and 30% depending on the target and the time of mailing.

If your business targets professional customers, the newsletter will work great for your marketing. Instead of targeting local media, choose those who speak about your industry, and boost your direct marketing by backing it up with a regular newsletter.

3. Press & Public Relations

It can be beneficial to

  • Promote your brand, services, and products;
  • Make yourself known to the general public;
  • Get in touch with journalists by sending them relevant information on business activity and news.

You can make use of a press release or even a press kit directly accessible online. Just make sure you choose the best press release distribution website.

4. Digital advertising

Many companies, in addition to their Facebook page, or their Twitter or Instagram account, are betting on advertising their services to the chosen target. Whether on social networks or display on more traditional sites, the online advertising strategy is very similar.

If you’re new to this, you must contact an advertising agency, which will help you manage your campaign by targeting your audience. Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube have their own solutions for displaying your advertisements on their search engines and partner sites.

So, what are you waiting for? Go work on advertising your brand today!

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