5 best wedding gifts for the couple moving into a new house

Moving into a new house post the wedding is daunting. First, there is the wedding planning stress, then there is the stress of moving into a new house. It’s not an easy job. The couple needs to think about homeware, essentials, decor, kitchen stuff and what not. Most of the couples who create a registry do it so that they can take the help of their guests to work on the new house and get them to contribute towards it as wedding gifts.

“We had already spent lakhs on the wedding and had the additional expense of doing a house right from scratch. While it’s exciting to have a space on your own it’s also very heavy on the pocket. Thank god for the wedding gift registry, we were able to get most of the stuff for the kind of house we had dreamt off. Our guests needed some explaining but it was very very worth it.” a couple from Chennai had said.

So if you’re a couple moving into a new house then here are some wedding gifts you need to think about adding to your wedding gift registry.

Board Games

While moving into a new house sounds pretty romantic, it can also become very boring. Board games add to a lot of fun. They can help you allocate some time in the day to get competitive and relive things up a little bit. Games like coup, scrabble, Uno and more can be added to the registry. Board games also make for a super fun wedding gift. It is scientifically said to boost energy and intelligence.

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Now if you’re moving into a new house with your partner, you’d want to call people over for a drink. Fancy barware is a must. Some cocktail napkins, wine glasses and fancy bar cabinets are good to start with. You already must be having some wine and whiskey at home. Call a couple of friends, organise drinks, have a couple of laughs and you’ll be tagged as the most fun host.

Home Appliances.

  1. Fridge. Washing machine. These are essentials for the couple coving into a new house. Oven, rice cookers and air fryers are obviously additional and necessary for the more fancy couple. Adding these wedding gifts to the gift registry will go a long way in bringing down costs of setting up the new home.

Gift cards

Now if you’ve added the above and are still confused or unsure of the needs that might come up later then be rest assured that adding gift cards will help a lot. With gift card options like Amazon, Pepperfry, urban ladder, lifestyle, home centre, makemytrip and so many more the couple doesn’t have to worry about missing out on any of the wedding gifts.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up on Wedding wishlist and create a wishlist of your dream home. Even if you have different needs for wedding gifts than the ones mentioned here, there are many more options too. There’s a cash registry, charity registry and so much more.


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