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 5 Car Gadgets That You Need to Fix Now

Car is an essential source of transportation in these modern times. Each and everyone desires to purchase a car once in their lifetime. Thus the person owning the car knows the happiness of acquiring it. The car owner tries to customize his car by adding cool and innovative car gadgets to make it look more beautiful.

With the advancement of automobile technology, car gadgets make your travel journey smoother, exciting and safer. These devices are extremely amazing because they provide a greater and convenient option for consumers. 

Some of the car manufacturers companies provide in-built car gadgets, while on the other hand there is a huge open market with cool car gadgets like a car tracking device, Bluetooth speakers, GPS navigator, etc. 

Let’s look into some of the modern-day car gadgets which would make your travel journey smooth and amazing

  • Car dash-camera would be a great choice

A car dash-cam is a well-known car gadget. It is a small digital camera that is mounted to a car’s dashboard. It helps to shot the driver’s journey as long as the car moves. Dash-cam does not protect you physically, but it can prove to be a piece of essential evidence during the time of the accident. The footage recorded by the cam can be used as a piece of evidence to find the culprit of the incident.

The dash-cam is an essential tool for the adventure travellers as they can record their adventurous journey through this cam. The modern dash-cam can record the journey in 30-120 fps and with a video quality ranging from 720p-4k.

  • Car Jump starter kit is a must
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The car jump starter kit is an essential car gadget. Many car gadgets experts recommend adding this tool in your car. For instance, while you are travelling in your car and your car suddenly break down in the middle of the road, what would you do now? 

A car jumper kit plays a key role in such situations. A car jumper kit’s main function is to provide a battery source when your car battery dies. The external battery support is provided to the car through the clamps present in the jump starter kit. 

The jump-starter kit also proves to be an additional battery charger source. It also acts as a backup power source whenever required.

  • GPS tracker can play a vital role in your car

A GPS tracker also is known as a car tracking device plays a vital role in your car. The tracker is generally installed under the dashboard or beneath the car surface. The tracker is connected to a smartphone or any other smart device through an app.

The tracker helps us to locate the car’s location. It can be more useful for parents to keep track of their children in some cases. It also proves an essential theft tool to the police officers. With the use of a car tracking system, police can locate the stolen car.

  • Bluetooth speakers can add spice to your travel journey

A Bluetooth speaker device is a really cool car gadget for the ones who love music while driving their car. This device connects to your smartphone, laptop, and tablet through Bluetooth. 

A Bluetooth device not only is used for listening to music but also to answer the phone calls. This device helps the driver to answer the call while driving. There are many Bluetooth devices available in the open market. 

Companies such as Samsung, Sony, Philips, etc produce Bluetooth speaker devices that provide functionality such as virtual surround sound, dual-mic noise cancellation, FM transmitter, etc.

  • Car air-purifier can enlighten your day
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Different cities and countries have different air quality indexes. Thus to tackle the air quality, many of the car owners prefer plugging a car air-purifier in their car. This device can be plugged as a USB device, or else in a car cigarette lighter panel.

The car air-purifier helps to improve the air quality inside your car. It does not work like an air-freshener, instead, it helps to eliminate the bad odour and foul smell completely from your car.

The negatively charged ion plates release the ions which attach with the tiny dust particles in the air which is later attracted by the positive plate ions present in the device. This mechanism helps to eliminate the odor and impurity from the car.


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