5 Influential Logo Design Tips & Techniques for Tourism Business

The tourism business has its own norms and standards that have set this business at the competition with other service industries. This business has always been most demanding, and due to its high demand, there is an extensive list of clients in this niche. Hence, it is crucial for tourism business operators to develop a powerful logo design that has the potential to hog the spotlight.

Consequently, if you want to design an eye-catching, professional and memorable logo design for your tourism business then you are at the right spot. Go through the following 5 captivating logo design tips and techniques to bring your tourism business into the limelight.

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1. Brand’s Personality

Tourism business owners look for an effective logo because it reflects the personality of the brand. If you are a logo designer, then you must know about the personality of the business for which you are going to design a logo. And if you are the owner, first know about the core personality of your tourism business. Know about your brand’s personality traits and the customers you have to deal with. By combining the traits of these two, you will have a final personality of the business that should be reflected in your business’s logo. The logo for your tourism business will be the voice of your brand and it should be loud enough to be listened to by the customers.

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2. Research Your Competition

Among a huge number of tourism businesses, your logo should be unique to distinguish your brand from others. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider your competitor’s logo design. Study your competitor’s logo techniques, colors used, styles chosen, images and symbol used in the logo. By evaluating your competitor’s logos, you will be able to get an idea about how you can stand out among your competitors. You can also keep an eye on their business activities by visiting their social media pages. Analysis of the colors, symbols, and images used by the competitors will give an excellent idea of using the perfect combination for your logo.

3. Pick Up a Trendy Design

A modern and conventional style for the logo design can give an attractive look to the logo. An outstanding style for your logo design can be selected by evaluating your brand properly. There are a variety of styles that are in trend this year including minimalistic, vintage or retro, classic, handwritten, fun, playful and quirky. Pick a style for your logo that best suits your brand’s personality. The logo defines a brand and its design should be appropriate according to the brand’s image. If your brand has a friendly personality go with a friendly one if you want to choose playful logos. If your brand deals with high-class travelers, then go with a classic style to give an aesthetic look in the logo. Be sure to keep your logo simple and clean so that it conveys the message clearly to the travelers.

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4. Speak Volumes of Professionalism

There are several types of logos from which you can choose for your tourism business. These types include letter marks, pictorial marks, abstract marks, logotypes, mascots, emblem and abstract logos. The right type of logo expresses the message of the brand correctly. Wordmarks or logotypes are used if the brand’s name is unique and if not then logo marks are used. If you want to rely on a symbol for the logo, then pictorial mark logos are used and mascot logos can add some fun and emblem logos combine pictorial and text elements together. To become successful through the marketing campaign, the choice of the right logotype is very important as logos are to be used everywhere for marketing.

5. Choose Color for Meaning

Every color has a different meaning and evokes a certain emotion in everyone. The choice of color should be made carefully as an inappropriate choice of color can lead to the wrong perception of the business. By using red in your brand’s logo means aggressiveness and passion, orange means energetic, yellow means playful while blue means trustworthy. For tourism logo designs, light and bright colors should be selected as it is for traveling different places, see the nature around and be playful. It’s the perfect way to convey the idea of your business through the colors of your logo. By connecting with affordable logo design services USA, you can instantly attract travelers to your business.


In the end it could be concluded now that tourism is a demanding business especially in this holiday season where people hire different tourism companies for travel and tour purposes. The marketing for the tourism business should be done correctly so it can attract the targeted audience towards the brand. The first thing to get the most focus in the tourism business is its logo. Consider your logo doesn’t describe your business’s purpose, then it will be a failure of the business. To make your tourism business logo look eye-catching and memorable certain tips should be followed. Know the personality of your brand really well so that it can be reflected through the logo and go through the logo of your competitors to have an idea. Pick up the design style that perfectly fits your business and carefully choose the logotype for your business. And finally, research on the colors that which color express which emotion and select the color for your logo accordingly.

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