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5 Things to Know About Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have gained a lot of popularity of late and are used in homes, offices, restaurants and other places to a great extent. Using these roller blinds is an easy and quick way not only to block the daylight but also add color, texture and make a bold design statement to your window space, thereby giving your room decor a contemporary look. Listed below are a few things that you need to know about roller blinds Delhi.


What Is a Roller Blind?

A blind is just what the name suggests – a window blind that can be unrolled to cover a window. It’s a single fabric piece that is covered over a casing installed on the top of your window frame, either outside or inside the window recess. Such blinds can be operated using a side-winding chain fixed to the blind casing or using a pull cord that is attached to the bottom. Automated or motorized  blinds are also available in which case you can operate the blinds using a remote control.

Why Are Roller Blinds Popular?

The main reason for the popularity of roller blinds is their versatility and functionality. Their energy-saving properties keep your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. With these blinds, you have control over the lighting and shading you want inside your room. The vast collection of styles, materials, finishes and colors available contribute a lot to the popularity as everyone can find one to match their home décor.

What Kind of Windows Do Roller Blinds Suit?

Roller blinds are suitable for almost all kinds of windows, including bay windows and skylights. They can be tailored to fit even wide windows, though they look sleek and neat in small spaces. Their simplicity and versatility imply that every room can be customized to your specific standards. 

Which Material Are Roller Blinds Made of?

You can find blinds made of different types of materials such as fabric, PVC, timber, and aluminium. Explore the vast variety of roller blinds online India. All of these materials have their advantages and come in different price ranges. Aluminium blinds are more durable than other types of materials and can greatly complement rooms with iron furniture. Timber blinds, on the other hand, give your room a shiny and luxurious appearance with their classic wooden look.

How to Maintain Roller Blinds?

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Maintaining most of the roller blinds is quite easy.You can use your vacuum cleaner to keep the blinds clean and dustless. However, the level of maintenance may vary depending on the style and material of the blinds. Based on the material,you have to be very careful before using chemical bleaches because it may affect the color and texture of the blinds.

These are the important things that you need to know about  blinds. If you are considering installing these at home, approach a reputed  blind manufacturer to guide you through the whole process right from selection to installation. 

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