5 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Romantic Relationship Back

Do you remember the spark when you first kissed each other? Do you remember the excitement of your first anniversary? Do you remember the special feeling when your partner proposed to you? Do you remember the whole bunch of different feelings when you had sex for the first time? There was so much newness in everything but the sad part is newness can’t stay forever. Your spark fades away, excitement is lost, you both feel lack of chemistry between each other.

This whole thing happens after some time, it is a very natural process but what is important is to not let these feelings hover over your relationship. You need to get the spark back. And for that we have worked very hard to give you tips and tricks to keep romance alive in your relationship –

  1. Present Flowers – To keep romance alive you need to show your love to your partner, and for showing love flowers are the best way to do so. You can also order anniversary flowers or birthday flowers on your special days. Also you can order flowers online on any day to make your partner feel special. You don’t need any occasion to show love. Nowadays you can send online cake delivery in Delhi if you are away. Also choose flowers which are favourite of your partner or red roses. As these flowers are symbols of love and romance only. So don’t think twice about it, if you are feeling a lack of romance in your relationship so order flowers and make your partner feel special. Relive the whole journey and get the spark back with this small gesture.
  2. Communication is the key – To solve every issue in every relationship, you need to communicate with each other. It is really very important to communicate each and every thing to your partner. See the other person don’t know what you felt or what is going into your mind. So the really important thing is to say your feelings aloud. So let them know what you are feeling, what is going wrong and together you both can find out what is wrong and work on it. See if you are having difficulty in starting a conversation you can write a letter to your partner and give it with a bouquet, this is a very positive gesture to start a conversation. Nowadays online flower delivery is easily available and online flower delivery in Kolkata is really efficient so if you are in Bangalore so you should really try it.
  3. Fall over again – If you are feeling very bad about your relationship, give time to each other to recover and resolve their own conflict and start fresh. This doesn’t mean to distance yourself, you can be friends for some time and then start spending time together, remember good old memories and try to recreate them. Have fun with each other. Talk to each other about your day. Appreciate why the other person is important for you. This will surely get your romance back and will make you feel happy.
  4. Ditch your Phone – Nowadays we have a lot of distractions around us. Most of the couples are using their phones when they are together. All these things make you feel you are out of love with your partner but that is not the case. So try not to use a phone when you are with your partner, talk to them, spend quality time with each, play board games and do whatever both of you love doing. This will surely get the spark back and you can feel the change. You can start doing small gestures like giving flowers, surprises etc. Anniversary Roses are mandatory, so do everything you can on special days too.
  5. Surprise Your Partner – Surprises always makes everyone happy. So you can surprise your partner in many ways. Like sending a photo with weird questions. This will surely start a conversation. You can also send flowers without any name, and you will surely get a happy call when they are reached to your partner. Nowadays chocolate Bouquet delivery in Bangalore is available so if you or your partner is in Bangalore so you definitely have to try this. This will surely get the spark back in your relationship.
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These were the tips and tricks from our side but you know your relationship and you only can decide what is best for you. So try each and everything to get the spark back. As relationships stay only when you feel comfort and happiness with a person.

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