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5 Tips on How to Blog Anonymously: Guide for Whistleblowers

If you don’t feel comfortable putting your name publicly when raising your voice against restricted content, then you can Blog Anonymously and become Anonymously whistleblower to uncover public information, share alternative views, and reveal risky details. so for 5 Tips on How to Blog Anonymously: Guide for Whistleblowers Here I’m going to list down a few tips for you to blog anonymously:

 Blog Anonymously

1: Create an Anonymous Email Account

You need to create an anonymous email account in order to register your blog. It is ideal to use an encrypted account if you are thinking of blowing a whistle against wrong practices, illegal issues, political propaganda, and false information. Typically, it is recommended to whistleblowers, journalists, and activists to protect their true identities when covering non-traditional or controversial content. Use secure blogging email ids to share posts over the Internet.

2: Ensure Domain Privacy Protection

It is equally needed to pay extra for domain privacy protection. You can purchase a domain that doesn’t require information, such as your email and contact number. As a blogger, you probably don’t want to share your information with an online audience or random strangers. The sole purpose of an anonymous blog is to educate readers about a particular topic/subject.

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3: Use Your Pseudonym Only

Next, you must use your pseudonym to run an anonymous blog. It is for your personal protection and privacy. Decide on a pen name that has never been used before When you’re blogging anonymously, you need to be extra careful about what information you add. Don’t include unnecessary details, like the place of birth, date of birth, age, height, weight, etc.

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4: Use Anonymous Blogging Forum

You can even use a secure anonymous blogging platform to share a post with online readers. Many writers gain the help of free forums like the Doe,, Notepin, and WordPress to cover sensitive subjects by mitigating potential risks of bullying, public harassment, etc. The privacy-focused platforms allow writing content without having any pressure.

5: Stay Offline for as Long as Possible

It is sensible on your end to stay offline as much as possible. Go online when you desire to write a post, share a story, or express your views on relevant subjects to well-inform your audience. You should develop a practice to write, proofread, and edit your blog post while staying offline. Sign in when your material is ready to upload.

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