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6 Digital Marketing Trends for Non-Profit Organisations for 2020

Fundraising for non-profit organisations depends significantly on your marketing efforts. With the world going digital, conventional marketing strategies have also turned digital. The trends in digital marketing keep changing. If you are a large non-profit entity with a significant budget set aside for marketing, you can test patterns as they come around. However, for smaller non-profit organisations, each rupee matters. Every rupee spent on an unsuccessful strategy means reduced support for your core services. Irrespective of the size of your non-profit organisations, it’s worth researching the trends thoroughly and then deciding which ones are likely to be successful for your specific social cause. You can always seek the assistance of a professional non-profit organisations digital marketing company in Bangalore, Delhi or elsewhere to decide this.

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Discussed below are a few digital marketing trends for non-profit entities that you can leverage in 2020.


It goes without the need to say – your non-profit organisation should have a website. This site requires backlinks for improving the reach of the foundation online and enhancing its authority. Use social sharing icons of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms on all your web pages. You also need to be proactive on these platforms if you want to see positive outcomes. [ READ Also: Few Profitable Business Ideas To Build Career ]

You need to have a page that offers value to other organisations and sites as this can help you establish backlinks. These backlinks improve the reliability of your site as a source of valuable information. Google also credits a website with a higher number of backlinks, regarding it to be more relevant. So, your website will rank higher in search engine results than one that doesn’t have quality backlinks.

Mobile Optimization

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Today, people use mobile devices for browsing to a greater extent than desktops and laptops. It’s highly essential that your website is responsive and appears flawlessly on all kinds of devices, irrespective of whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone. All that content that you put up on your website or any digital space must be mobile-friendly. Mobile optimization is one of the top digital marketing trends in 2020 for non-profits.

PPC Advertising

With PPC, your website will get more traffic that is generally associated with first-tier search engines. For non-profits, the go-to source for PPC is Google Grants, which offer users up to ten thousand dollars a month through its Ads service. With these grants, your organisation will gain more exposure without the need to spend substantial funds. Once you have approval by Google Grants, you can promote your initiatives and organisation for free. It lets you direct traffic to your site within no time.

Personal Messaging Apps

As more non-profit entities concentrate on personalisation, direct engagement with volunteers, individual donors and prospects are trending. Private messaging apps have turned out to be one of the emerging digital marketing trends for non-profits. Many organisations use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other such platforms for direct communication. This trend is all about personalisation. In simple words, when you reach out to fund donors through messaging apps, you are directly communicating with them. Besides using these apps for fundraising, you can also use it for inviting people to an event or an urgent appeal towards the year-end.


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With retargeting, a person can return to your website and communicate with your organisation more than what he did in the past. On many non-profit fundraising web pages, a part of the visitors completes donating, while others exit without completing. With retargeting boosts, you stand a chance to convert those visitors who left without donating.

Facebook Exchange is a targeted ad service for retargeting used by several non-profits. It accesses preferences via demand-side, third party services like AdRoll. You can use AdRoll to reach out to individuals who already exhibited an interest in your entity while scrolling through Facebook. Their feed will expose the person to more details about the cause of your non-profit organisation.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI-enhanced ad campaigns help marketers to become accustomed to end-user behaviour and real-life changes. They also cut down marketing costs and prevent oversaturation of messages. With AI, you can personalize the user experience on your website. Make use of conditional parameters and match the offers received by customers. Merge AI with targeting tactics, prediction personalization engine and analytics so that your suggestions are qualified in advertisements. So, using AI, you can customise offerings depending on individual behavioural preferences.

Whether you run a small organisation where you handle everything on your own or have a fundraising team, the most effective trend is to devise a comprehensive, smart action plan to fit your needs and improve your audience engagement. A digital marketing company in Bangalore can help you chalk out the right plan for your needs.

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