A Guide To Building A Foundation For The Intranet

After closely examining the features and costs of different intranet software solutions, you have finally selected the one you need. It is cloud-based and accessible on all devices. It allows you to revoke and grant access and offers all the features and integrations you need. However, it is critical to do a little ground work before you build your social intranet and deploy your intranet software solution. So, let’s build a foundation for your intranet. We will address the following areas:

  • Having a vision
  • Involving key stakeholders
  • Getting input from senior leaders
  • Establishing ownership and sponsorship
  • Getting senior management comfortable
  • Addressing risks early

Social intranet is a powerful tool that offers many positive benefits. It offers improved connectivity and communication a scattered workplace needs to work. Your employees can work more closely on projects. This leaves a positive impact on the company culture. Smooth communication and flow of information allow doing jobs more effectively.

The most important thing you need to know is the goal you want to achieve with your intranet software solution. That’s the key to success. So, first of all, you have to describe a vision for the best social intranet software. This does not only help in creating a design for prioritizing selected features and achieving your goals, but it also keeps the project team focused. Keep in mind that your intranet software solution is a strategic level investment. So, the vision should be aligned to the wider strategic goals of the organization.

For example, the goal is to create a unified company culture and deliver more efficient customer services. You should figure out how your intranet can contribute in both of the areas.

Having a Vision

Make sure that your social intranet has a vision statement.

For example:

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“Our intranet software solution will be a platform for our employees for communication, collaboration and connection to drive innovation, offer excellent customer services and create an integrated company culture for inhouse or remotely working employees.

Also, identify important KPIs. Have a timescale for the vision. Keep track of changes it is making in the workday of employees. A detailed vision helps in creating a better design for your social intranet.

Involving Key Stakeholders

The entire enterprise is going to use your intranet software solution. Having the best possible intranet requires engagement with a broad group of stakeholders. You should rope in representatives from each department. They are the people who will take responsibilities

 after the intranet is deployed.

Getting Input From Senior Leaders

Make sure that you have representation from all areas of the organization. Involve as many stakeholders as possible. Get their input when you are determining the vision of the intranet. Different departments might have their own opinions on specific features. It can be a truly enterprise-wide platform only when the interests of all departments are met. This also ensures that you can reap the maximum benefits of using the social intranet software solution.

Establishing Ownership and Sponsorship

After getting feedback from different stakeholders, you need to establish ownership and sponsorship. You need to establish named individuals having the mandate. They will take the responsibility of creating the social intranet and making it succeed. These individuals can include the CIO or the Head of HR.

The sponsor is a figurehead responsible for communicating the benefits of the intranet and promoting its use.

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Getting Senior Management Comfortable

The senior leaders might have some nervousness due to the social aspect of the intranet. This nervousness can be uncovered by involving a senior sponsor. The intranet is going to create an entirely new situation in the organization. Your employees will get a channel to express their voices. So, there is a fear of potential misuse. It is important to make sure that senior management is comfortable.

Addressing Risks Early

You cannot ignore security, legal, risk and compliance aspects in the organization. Identifying these issues earlier is better for the implementation of the intranet.


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