A Step-by-Step Guide to prepare for Recovery after Knee Joint Replacement

Taking the decision to get a knee joint replacement surgery means you are ready to return to an active, healthy, and pain-free life. As perthe best hospital in Jaipur, over 90 percent of people who go in for knee replacement experience a significant change in their agility and pain. However, a quick and successful recovery entails diligence, patience, and safety measures.That is why it’s important to be prepared for surgery and recovery phase much ahead of time. Here are some things a patient can do to ensure a successful knee joint replacement surgery and a quick recovery. 

Understand the Procedure

The first step after you decide to undergo knee joint replacement surgery is to find a good surgeon and get a clear understanding of the complete procedure. You should be aware of the possible outcomes so that you can prepare well for the required precautions before and post the surgery. For example, if you have had an injury or the cartilage in your knees has degenerated, then in this surgery, the arthritic ends of the knee joint bones are removed and a new knee joint made up of metal and plastic prosthesis is put in its place.

This new artificial joint can normally function as your original knee. It also relieves the pain and enables in restoring the mobility to the joints. Remember, knowledge is power.

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Preparations to be made at home

Most of the patientscan go back home after knee joint replacement surgery. To prepare for this recovery phase at home, you need to keep in mind that post the surgery, your mobility would be restricted.So it’s recommended to prepare your home before the procedure so you don’t face any hassles later. 

Ensuring safety measures

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Move things like furniture, etc. in your house so that it is easier for you to move around. Clear all the clutter from your home and your hallways to make open spacefor you to walk with crutches or a walker. Besides that, you should keep everything you might need,be it your phone, water, coffee makerwithin reach.

In case your bedroom is on the first or second floor,then set up a temporary sleeping place on the ground floor to make sure that you do not climb stairs. 

You could also consider getting safety rails installed in the bathroom. For a comfortable bath, get a shower bench installed in your bathroom and get a toilet seat riser to ease the pressure on your knees that could be caused by sitting and bending.

Schedule the help you’ll need

Based on the expected timeline of your recoveryfrom knee joint replacement surgery, you should plan for the help you’ll need in the recovery phase.For example, think of who will ride you home from the hospital post your surgery and in settling down at home. Consider arranging for a driver or ask a friend or family member to help you in driving you to the doctor for follow-up visits.If you live along, arrange for your meals and helparound the house.

Follow your doctor’s instructions

Your surgeon or physical therapist will instruct you on what all you are allowed to do and how you should move after your procedure. Even before your knee joint replacement surgery,your doctor might ask you to stop some medicines, particularlythe ones that could make you bleed more in the procedure. Post the surgery too, a physical therapist would visit you at home and assist you in learning how to walk initially, which exercises you could do, and all other precautions. Do follow all the advice of your doctor and therapist for a fast recovery.

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