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Apply For A Permanent Residency on A Graduate Visa 485

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As a student, one of the most pleasurable experiences for you can be to study in a country like Australia. When you study the course of your choice, initially you might have to face a couple of challenges. After all, it’s a whole new environment in which you need to adjust. With time many students fall for the culture, open-hearted people and the overall ambience of Australia.

What’s next?

Some of the overseas students even wish to stay and work in Australia as soon as they finish their courses. Many of them even want to obtain a permanent residency in Australia. The fact is migrating directly from a student to a PR visa is not possible. The only way to resolve this matter is by applying for the temporary graduate visa subclass 485 properly. Although not a PR visa, but, you can work safely for unlimited hours with this visa.

Eligibility Criteria

When applying for the visa 485, there are certain eligibility criteria which you must meet appropriately. Each of these eligibility requirements can be considered below.

  • Your graduation program must be a CRICOS registered course.
  • As an applicant, you should be less than 50 years old.
  • One of these criteria also requires you to be the holder of a valid student visa. In case you aren’t holding a student visa, then a Bridging visa A or B is also acceptable.

Remember, you should apply for the graduate visa 485 within 6 month from the date you have graduated.

How to get PR with your visa 485? 

You won’t be able to get a PR directly with a visa 485. This visa basically allows you to further stay and work in Australia. With this visa, you will get plenty of time to prepare for your permanent residency in Australia. Not only this, you can also improve your English language skills with the visa subclass 485. You can utilize these English language skills later on to get your Permanent Residency effortlessly.

Two streams of the 485 visa

The visa subclass 485 is not is not unilateral, but is bilateral by nature instead. This means that it has two different streams applicable to eligible candidates. These include the Post-Study Work Stream and the Graduate Work Stream. An introduction to both the visa streams is given below.

  1. The Post-Study Work Stream

The Post-Study Work Stream of the temporary graduate visa 485 has been designed for learners who have graduated from Australia. With this visa stream, you can stay in Australia for 2 to 4 years.

  1. The Graduate Work Stream

The Graduate Work Stream of the visa 485 allows you to stay in Australia for not more than 18 months. You should graduate with special professional skills and qualifications that cater to the occupations of the MLTSSL of Australia. The acronym MLTSSL stands for the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List of Australia.

When to apply for a graduate visa 485?

You should apply for the Visa Subclass 485 within 6 months from the completion of your graduation. So, you should start planning to apply for the visa subclass 485 as soon as possible. If you are holding a postgraduate degree, then, you will get the maximum benefits of this visa. You can also apply for this visa only if you have met any of the below given conditions.

  • If you are applying under the Graduate Work Stream, then, do qualify in a positive skills assessment test.
  • You must receive a national police certificate either from Australia or your home country or any other nation. You also need to stay in any of these places for 1 year after turning 16 to do this.
  • Make sure you have passed a health examination successfully conducted by a legitimate Australian medical officer.
  • You should have qualified in the English language test by securing the desired score to apply.
  • Getting all the transcripts of your chosen program is also important to apply for the visa subclass 485.
  • As soon as you finish your course, collect the letter of completion from your academic institution.

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Remember, that whether you will apply for the Graduate Work Stream or Post Study Stream will depend on certain factors. These include the specific duration for which you have to stay in Australia, your age, qualifications etc.

It’s time to switch to your PR visa

After you have reaped the maximum benefits of your subclass 485 visa, it’s time that you apply for your PR visa. There are many Permanent Residency visa options which you can shift to from your graduate 485 visa. These include the visa subclass 482, 189, 187, 489 and the Direct Entry visa 186. A brief introduction about each of these visas is given below.

Skilled Visas (189, 190, and 489

These are basically points based visas which require you pass the GSM test by securing the desired score. This criterion is applied to 189 (Skilled Independent), 190 (State Sponsored) as well as the 489 (State Regional Provisional) visas. When you work on the 485 Visa Checklist you know,you can secure extra points to obtain any of these visas successfully.

Visa Subclass 485

The TSS 482 visa requires you to have a work experience of at least 2 years in your chosen sector. After fulfilling the 485 visa, you can get a work of 2 years quite easily. This will pave your way to apply for the TSS 482 visa successfully.

RSMS Visa 187

The Regional Skilled Migration Scheme 187 visa wants you to work in a regional area of Australia. To apply, you must be sponsored by a legitimate Australian employer. You must also have a work experience of at least 3 years.  You can meet all these criteria quite easily by working on the 485 visa.

Employer Sponsored Visa 186

All the rules of the visa 187 apply to the Employer Sponsored visa 186 except one difference. This includes an exemption to work in a regional area when you apply for this visa. You can also get a PR in Australia by obtaining this visa through the graduate visa 485 subclass.

The bottom-line!

Hopefully, the write-up given above will help you a lot in attaining a PR in Australia with the visa 485. I would recommend contacting Migration Agents Adelaide for better assistance.





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