Are Wireless Android Controllers Better?

There are some ANDROID controllers that use cables, but there are also wireless models. Although everyone knows the benefits of electronic devices that do not require cables, this does not mean that the former are not useful. This depends on the needs of every gamer.

Which wireless connection system do ANDROID controllers use?

Some ANDROID controllers have a wireless USB receiver and others use Bluetooth technology. While the latter are very useful for connecting to smartphones, tablets and smartphones, some are not compatible with the same version of Bluetooth that the device has. This means that you must check this aspect before you buy a model.

Both types of wireless connections are effective. To find out what version of Bluetooth you have, you must check the configuration or settings of your device.

How important are the buttons on the ANDROID controllers?

After the lever itself, the buttons are the most important elements of an ANDROID controller. In fact, with the evolving video games, models have come that only have buttons. That is why you have to check whether the sensitivity when pressing is sufficient so that they will not wear out with prolonged use.

In general, the distribution of the buttons is very practical. On the left there are usually the classic buttons that are used to make the character of the game jump, run or shoot. The top buttons serve to add valuable functionalities to the games. And the select, start and home buttons are of course necessary for settings and use.

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Can ANDROID controllers be used for purposes other than video games?

That’s certainly possible! Although the gaming universe is the most popular environment for joysticks, manufacturers today want to take other types of users into account. That’s why many models have multimedia buttons added to play music or movies, to turn the volume up and down or even as a remote control for a smart TV.

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What autonomy do ANDROID controllers usually have?

The best android gaming controllers generally uses lithium batteries. These do not always have the same autonomy. In this sense, some models offer more than 10 hours of continuous use, others more than 20 hours, and there are models that do not last more than 5 hours, and there are also those that do not reach 5 hours. One aspect that must be taken into account is the advantage of rechargeable batteries, which you do not always have to buy new.

If you are a professional gamer or play many hours a day, you may need a model that has more autonomy. This guarantees uninterrupted hours of gaming and you don’t have to worry about power consumption or running out of batteries.

The battery life of the controller is must because some of the gamers do not leave their smartphone at any cost while playing online games as PUBG or streaming online on YouTube. Rechargeable batteries makes the things easy for the smartphone game streamers to perform better in their gaming and streaming.

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