Australian Student Visa Criteria for International Students from High-risk Countries

Every year many students from all around the globe come to Australia for higher studies on student visa subclass 500. Australia is one of the best destinations for international students. There are many facts that play an important role to make Australia a favorable place for students. Given below are some of those factors:

  • Many Australia institutes are listed in the top ranks of the list of best universities in the world. Many of these Australia universities are providing quality education and degrees for quite a long time. These institutions have earned fame and good reputation by their consistency in educational standards and by producing many famous laureates that have left a mark in this world through their talents.
  • The USA and the UK were considered to be the hub of education in the world, but not anymore. Many international students are preferring Australia over them. Australia has many advantages over these countries. The living cost in Australia is much less if we compare them to these countries while the quality and standard of education are the same. This is why people are preferring Australia for their study-career
  • Australian cities have all the modern facilities and amenities of life that everyone seeks. Its living standard and lifestyle can be compared to any other developed country. Australia also has an amazing environment that is safe, secure and friendly
  • Australia also has many work opportunities for people belonging to every occupation. One can get amazing opportunities if he or she wants to peruse their career in Australia after completing studies there.
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These were some facts that show how Australia is an amazing country to start your study career. But to get an Australian visa one needs to fulfill some conditions. These conditions are different for students from different countries. In this article, we will talk about the conditions on the countries that lie in the high-risk category.

Student visa subclass 500

This is a visa that an international student needs to come and study an enrolled course in Australia. This visa can let you stay in Australia until your course is completed. This visa entitles you to add other family members in the visa and also allows you to travel from and to Australia on your will.

One can also work under this visa but there is a limit to work and that is holding this visa you can only work part-time i.e. up to 40 hours in 15 days.

Conditions on this visa

One has to fulfill the following conditions to apply for a student visa:

  • The age to the applicant should be 18 years at the minimum
  • Applicant should be enrolled in an eligible course in a registered institution
  • Should have enough finances to support tuition fees, traveling cost and living expenses in Australia.
  • Must meet all health and character requirements.

Conditions for the international students belonging to high-risk categories?

Recently, Australia has categorized India, Nepal, and Pakistan in the category of high-risk countries. This category has to satisfy some additional conditions to be eligible to apply for a student visa for Australia. The additional conditions on the students from high-risk countries are given as under:

  • One has to show a higher capacity of funds one has to support their life and tuition fee in Australia
  • The applicant also has to prove English proficiency when applying for this visa
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These conditions have made acquiring a student visa for the students belonging to high-risk countries difficult. There are many students that come to Australia every year from these countries. According to a rough estimate, 28 percent of the total number of international students comes from these countries. So this will definitely affect international students and Australia.
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