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9 B2B Ecommerce Website Ideas to Serve the Growing Needs of Businesses

Business growth is a key priority in the work of any company, regardless of its size and industry. At the same time, there are some nuances in the B2B segment that should definitely be taken into account in order to ensure rapid growth online with b2b ecommerce website development.

1. B2B customers expect the same experience as B2C customers

Usually B2C companies own attractive and user-friendly sites. However, visitors to B2B sites are the same users who are accustomed to the comfort of B2C sites in their daily life. Give your users a user-friendly interface and an enjoyable user experience to meet their expectations of a 21st century company.

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2. The company’s website is not a replacement for the sales department

Despite the fact that modern site visitors do not like to contact the sales department, sometimes they will have to do it. For example, to place a particularly complex order that the standard functionality of the site will not cope with. In this case, an employee-seller who has much more experience with clients and who will be able to recommend a product that is more suitable for his needs will be indispensable.

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3. In the B2B segment, the seller really builds a relationship with the customer

  • Since B2B companies have fewer clients, they manage to build a more trusting relationship with each client by thoroughly studying the details and characteristics of the client company. Use this opportunity to better meet the needs of each of your customers:
    discuss all the difficulties that consumers face;
  • find out how your products or services can really help customers achieve their goals or solve their problems.

4. B2B companies have more opportunities to get to know their customers

This point follows from the previous one: because a strong relationship is established in a B2B business, the supplier company can get to know the buying company much better. This becomes possible thanks to personal contact between salespeople and decision-makers: the former can simply find out all the necessary information in a conversation.

5. Your company’s digitalization plan

Moving to the digital world takes time and careful planning, as there is no standard digitalization plan in B2B. If in B2C you can simply copy the actions of market leaders, then in B2B there are no such universal examples yet. We propose to use an iterative approach, with special attention to be paid to where your business is right now. If you have a clear understanding of the current situation, you will be able to build a development plan that is realizable and relevant to your business. Magento development services by Elogic help with it.

6. Tools that work specifically in your industry

Tools that work in B2C may not work at all in B2B. What is effective in one industry will be a waste of time and money in another. Find which ecommerce tools will work for you. That said, it is important that the tools are scalable and flexible: your company will grow, and the tools must grow with it, meeting the changing needs of your people.

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7. The team must “buy” the plan to go online

Even the most successful ideas can fail if they are not supported by the company team. When planning change, set aside time to present the innovation at each stage of decision making. Not only your direct reports, but the entire company must share your vision and be prepared for the challenges of changing the way you live.

8. Automation to the maximum

Automation is a trend in many industries, not just e-commerce. When used correctly, it brings many benefits, including significant time savings. It’s worth starting with repetitive manual steps: automation here will give instant and tangible results. In order for your employees to have time to adapt to new processes and rebuild their work, pause between the stages of implementing new software.

9. You are the main expert in your business

When engaging any consultants, remember that you are the one who knows your company best. At the same time, consultants will be able to offer you suitable tools when you openly share your best practices, thoughts and vision for the development of the company. Your personal involvement in creating a digitalization plan will allow you to achieve the expected results in the most efficient way (and therefore faster and more cost-effectively).

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