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Bassinet vs. Cot: Which One Is Best for You and Your Baby?

Cots and bassinets are two of the most popular options for babies to sleep on. But it’s not that easy to decide among the two since they both offer great perks. Good thing, Bubba Blue has them both in excellent quality and deals.

Bassinet vs. Cot

You want one that’s cosy for your baby. It must be safe, as well as suitable for your lifestyle. After all, you need to decide if you’d co-sleep with your little one, put him on a separate bed, or if you prefer bringing him/her to the nursery room for sleeping.
To help make up your mind, carefully weigh both options through these notes.

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Why choose a bassinet?

Bassinets are small sleep options intended for newborns from 0 to about four months old. Many parents love this choice because it is easy to carry around the home.
It is also perfect if you want to keep your baby nearby while you sleep since it fits perfectly beside the bed. You don’t need to push yourself up and walk to another bed or the nursery when your kid cries in the middle of the night. Simply lie back down as soon as your newborn goes back to sleep.

As a bonus, most bassinets can work as a baby rocker. Meaning, it can help a lot in lulling your little one to sleep.
The main drawback of a bassinet, however, is its size. Babies beyond four months old won’t fit in a bassinet. It’s also unsafe if you leave a baby in the bassinet if he already moves too much. It means you need to buy another sleeping item soon enough.

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Why choose a cot?

Cots are larger options than bassinets and can be used for a longer time. If you want to save cash, this option is for you.
Its size can accommodate babies for a longer time. Some cots can be transformed and used as a bed for toddlers as well. Moreover, it has a complete set of railings as safety for babies when they start to move a lot.

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The thing is, its size makes a cot difficult to fit in the parents’ room. However, it is perfect when you want to make your baby sleep in the nursery. It is an excellent choice if walking to the nursery doesn’t bother you during sleep time.
Being stationary is another disadvantage of a cot. You can’t easily move it from the nursery to the living room or your room. Thus, this is not the right choice if you want to keep your baby as near as possible.

Buying a Cot or a Bassinet

After deciding between a cot and a bassinet, be sure to be careful in buying your option. Regardless of your choice, for example, find one that is durable to avoid any damage. You wouldn’t want your baby’s sleeping spot to break while he’s in it.
Next, buy one with high comfort and quality. Cosy products help babies have longer and better sleep. And bassinets or cots from Bubba Blue are few of the best available.
Whichever you choose, always remember that it’s not merely about what other moms have suggested to you. It is about you, your little one, and your lives together in a home. Therefore, carefully choose the best.

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