7 Benefits of Employee Self Service In Payroll Software

You cannot wish for your company to grow if your employees are not taken care of. Employees are supposed to be the most valuable assets of any organization. According to Harvard Business Review, “companies around the world spend over $720 million on employee engagement every year and this number is predicted to be around 1.5 billion soon”. Imagine investing a huge amount of resources and effort to make your personnel happy and it goes in vain! That’s why businessmen choose smarter ways to boost the company growth along with keeping the workforce motivated and engaged. Since HR is one of the widest departments of any corporate, HRMS software has been a major technology adoption in recent times. Now, if we further categorize the most important HR operations, payroll processing is found to be the area of focus for every other company. So, the efficiency of payroll software is supreme.


In this blog, we will talk about the 7 advantages of the ESS feature of payroll software which is used to maintain employee engagement & satisfaction:


Viewing Payroll-Related Information

With the advanced ESS feature of payroll software, the users (employees) can have access to their individual payroll-related information. Particulars including the number of paydays, leaves, holidays, earnings, deductions, tax details, net, and gross salary among others can be checked and verified. This option gives employees the liberty to raise queries/tickets if any part of the information is incorrect.

Changing Employee Personal Data

Not only can the employees see the uploaded information, but they can also update part of the data entered in the system. An employee can easily go to the self service portal and make changes in personal details. For instance, marital status can be modified, religion or gender conversion can be registered, and bank details can also be updated, etc.. So, from minor changes to major suggestions the employees can ask for approval from their respective managers and the data will be changed in a second. 

Managing/Controlling Records

Just like the above two points of viewing and modifying information, the employees can even control records. For example, timesheets can be checked and attendance regularization/on duty/leave requests can be raised accordingly. Similarly, professionals can fill and submit different types of forms like benefits and compensation, tax records & invoices, select the latest regimes and control the data entered in certain records with the permission of their supervisors.

Reducing The Burden of HR/Admin

Now this one is an obvious benefit of the ESS portal. When employees don’t have to run to the HR or Admin space for petty matters, time, energy and other resources would automatically be saved. Not only payroll but the entire range of HR software is streamlined using the self service feature. Thus, it takes the burden off the shoulders of HR and Admin professionals to focus on other important tasks.

Maintaining Policy Adherence

As the latest payroll solutions come with auto-update functionality, the information fed into the system through ESS is automatically saved as per the current policies. Besides, it maintains compliance with the corporate norms, government regimes, labor laws, and other rules are regulations.

Accessing Anywhere, Anytime

Another apparent feature of employee self service is that your workforce can perform the tasks anytime and anywhere. Be it raising requests, changing information, filling forms, or using chatbots and mood bots, almost every function can be executed on the go! This makes the payroll processing more efficient and as per the employees’ preferences.

Promoting Employee Empowerment

Lastly, all of the aforementioned features have one thing in common. In fact, the whole point of integrating the employee self service portal is one. The ESS-enabled payroll software is adopted by companies to empower and engage their employees. Hence, in a nutshell, we can say that the motive is always to give decision-making power to the workforce and give them an extraordinary payroll experience.

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