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Anime Streaming Sites – Top 20+ Best Free Anime Streaming Site To watch Cartoons Online 2021

Are you a fan of the popular anime network and looking for the best place to stream anime online? Then look no more, because in this blog post, we will spend time giving you detailed explanations about the best website to stream anime (free anime streaming sites) without fear of malware.

Anime websites’ is the most searched keyword on Google. It gets more than ten million hits per month. A lot of people love watching Anime shows. However, very few people wish to pay money to watch them. Hence, people search for the best free anime streaming.

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What are Anime Streaming Sites

The term anime is derived from the English word animation, and in Japan is used to refer to all forms of animated media… The earliest commercial Japanese animation dates to 1917. Anime Streaming Sites are site where you can stream animations online

Top 20+ Best Anime Streaming Site To watch Animes Online 2020


Streaming Anime web sites at no cost might be questionable. Therefore, it’s best to want utilizing VPN companies whereas watching Anime at no cost.

1. Chia-Anime

It is an excellent site if you love watching anime. Typically, all the anime series can be found on this website, and that is the reason that it is probably the best anime streaming sites online.

The other added advantage of this website is that the pop-up ads are fewer as compared to other anime websites.

It is a Japanese anime website, but almost all the episodes are English subbed. All the episodes are given proper titles so that they can be appropriately arranged in the playlist for better user experience.

Apart from anime, it provides a range of manga comics, anime movies, and anime soundtracks.

anime streaming sites like these have two players who run online. Hence, if you are facing a problem in the first one, you can switch to the next one.

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2. AnimeBam

The website has a vast database, and hence, you can expect to find all types of anime series here.

This anime site is pretty sorted because of its simple and attractive interface. It is an excellent site for beginners because of its availability and options of different genres of anime.

It qualifies in the list of best anime sites because the dubbed series are marked with a green label and hence, it is easier for the user to choose.

3. GOGOAnime

The best part about GOGOAnime is that it has got seven servers to choose from. Hence, it gives a fantastic streaming user experience with varied options.

With this website, you can watch anime online.

The website also allows you to download the full episode if you remain on the default server which is called the VIDSTREAMING.

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It also offers a collection of different anime movies. Apart from that, it has a chat room where you can interact with the community.

4. KissAnime.ru

KissAnime.ru is also one of the best anime websites. It has a high-quality server which response almost immediately.

It contains old anime series as well as new anime series. All the series are dubbed and subbed in English.

The added advantage of streaming here is that you can watch anime online free, without opting for a premium membership.

The website also allows bookmarking a particular episode for viewing later on. To avail this facility, all you need to do is register yourself on the website for free.

5. Anime-Planet

It is a popular anime website as it offers a variety of anime movies. It is the best anime streaming site because it has partnerships with widely used video streaming sites. It is also a legal site because of this reason.

The site has an added feature which is known as, “My List”. It recommends your different series based on the kind of content you have watched.

It does not have a lot of advertisements as compared to other free anime websites.

6. Funimation – Watch Anime Streaming Online

It is a Global industry leader of extraordinary anime. You can watch subbed version but you are required to purchase a premium for the dubbed version.

7. Animeheaven.eu

The site has an attractive layout, to begin with. It also contains a lot of anime episodes with subbed and dubbed versions. It provides with anime movies as well.

It is easy to track down the latest episodes of almost all the ongoing shows.

The series is adequately categorised with the genre, release time and number of episodes of the special series.

It is easy to filter out the best anime rolling series as well. The website has a chat room which helps you discuss your favourite shows with the community.

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8. 9Anime

Watch anime online free with 9Anime. It is super fascinating to watch anime here as it has a whole catalogue of anime shows.

From drama, action, Parody, Yaoi, and Dementia, it contains all. The website contains HD quality videos with fast loading speed.

The best part is that you do not need to register even for free. You can directly start accessing all the episodes on the website.

It is one of the best anime streaming sites online because it contains a lot of different servers.

You can shift to a different one if the previous one is not working. Although, be aware of a bunch of on click ads. Here are some Best 9Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online in High Quality

9. MasterAni.me

The website has free and unlimited access to a lot of anime series and movies. It has anime from different genres.

The videos are in HD quality and are quite satisfactory. The anime website also provides with subtitles in Japanese and English languages.

It is perfect for people who do not want to opt for premium memberships on the best anime streaming sites online.

The only problem is that you will have to tolerate a lot of ads in between episodes.

10. Netflix

Well, yes. Netflix also has a range of anime series and movies. However, you must be aware that Netflix is not free, but it is a legal website.

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It provides both subbed and dubbed versions of the anime series.

It can qualify as one of the best anime streaming sites online because of its enormous collection of anime series and movies.

It has a robust web version as well as a Windows 8 App, iOS app and Android app. Netflix also provides with proper menus as it does a great job in separating the categories of each show.

If you take a premium membership of Netflix, you will get clear access to a lot of content which includes Netflix originals, movies, and other TV shows. Check out the best shows on Netflix.

11. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a legal website to stream Anime. This website is an American distributor, publisher, and licensing company, which lets you stream Anime, manga, and drama.

The website lets you watch your favorite Anime for free. While it provides an excellent 720p quality videos, in some cases the quality might degrade to 480p.

Crunchyroll supports a lot of languages like English, Deutsch, Italiano, and more. So you can watch your favorite show with Dub and subtitles as well.

You can either watch it without an account for streaming or can create an account to keep track of your watched shows. With an account, you will be able to add shows to watch in the wishlist.

12. Animefreak

Animefreak is more like a personal blog and less like a website. This is because it has a lot of information.

It officially qualifies in the list of the best anime streaming sites because of its daily updates of new anime series and manga comics.

If you start using this anime website regularly, then you will realise that it keeps you posted at all times.

However, as a new user, you might take some time to process all the information and tiny tags on the website.

13. Hulu – Watch Anime Streaming Online

First of all, Hulu offers not only anime shows but also Hulu’s originals, movies, and sitcoms. All the episodes on Hulu are in HD quality.

However, Hulu does not offer free streaming. You have to buy the membership to watch the shows. As they are offering Hulu’s original shows, membership money could be worth a shot. You can also stream the shows on your mobile phone.

14. MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList is another amazing anime streaming website. The site lets you watch your favorite shows for free without any ads.

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The user interface of this website is quite user-friendly. It has different tabs like Anime tab, the community tab, store, and much more. Under the Anime tab you will find more tabs like Top Anime, Seasonal Anime, Videos, Reviews, Recommendations. Hence, searching for a new show or a favorite show is much more comfortable.

This website also shows the rank of the series/show, along with a short description. You can enjoy English subbed shows on MyAnimeList.

15. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the viral platforms for anime shows. The quality of videos is impressive compared to other websites. You will also get to enjoy subbed and dubbed versions of your favorite shows legally.

However, Tubi TV offers a very limited collection of anime shows. The shows they provide are worth watching. But you might not find some well-known anime in their collection.

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The website has a dark mode for eye comfort and a user-friendly interface. Tubi TV is 100% free and legal.

16. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is one of the best Free Anime streaming websites. The amazing thing about this website is you can stream shows on any device. Other than laptops and smartphones, the site works fine with Apple TV, Apple airplay, Google chrome cast, or Samsung TVs too.

AnimeLab is available in both Free and Paid versions with no ads. You will be able to enjoy shows of different genres. You will get an option of English audio instead of subtitles. It’s suitable for kids watching Doraemon and slightly young kids who watch Dragon Ball Z. The paid version of AnimeLab is legal.

17. Anilinkz

Watch anime online free with Anilinkz. It only offers the ongoing anime series. However, the whole look of the website is fascinating and user-friendly.

The updated video is shown in the form of the thumbnail on the home page. It is one click away from streaming.

The website has a playback window which provides a discussion of the current episode playing. Hence, the anime website is trying to build an interactive community.

Although, the website has a lot of ads. You need to be careful of not clicking anywhere else, or you will prompt the ads.

The other disadvantage is that the website shows only the ongoing anime series and not the old ones.

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18. Animenova

It is one of the best anime streaming sites because it is called the dictionary of anime. It is because of its vast database and extensive drop-down alphabetical menu.

It also offers a large list of the latest and updated episodes. It might get a little difficult for people who are just exploring, but it is perfect for users who are chasing the latest episodes.

The site also uses text links instead of videos or images. Hence, you need to be clear about what you want.

The website has no account limits which is again a benefit. The only problem with the site is that it does not have a search bar.

19. Animeheaven

Animeheaven is one of the top sites to stream Anime shows with a big collection of series and movies. You can pick dubbed shows, series, and popular-today shows.

You can also schedule the shows to watch. From the filer options, you can browse and watch your favorite anime series and enjoy the English subbed and dubbed versions as well.

The website has a dark mode for eye comfort and has a user-friendly interface. Animeheaven is not a legal site.

20. MasterAni

MasterAni gives you free and unlimited access to a lot of anime series and movies. You can even browse shows from different genres.

The quality of the videos on MasterAni is considerably good. The shows are available in English subtitles. This website shows reviews of the show and has a quiet eye-catchy interface. You can stream the shows free but have to tolerate ads.

It’s possible to change the name of the server and watch unlimited Animes online.



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