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The Venkateshwar Signature School has been imparting knowledge and moulding the youth of tomorrow for well over a year now and can be considered the Best CBSE School in Raipur. The school is constructed on a beautiful pollution-free campus on over 3 acres on land. The main aim of the institution is to provide quality education to the students and bring the best out of each and every child.

Here, at Venkateshwar Signature School, every single child is considered to be equally unique. The school is established by Dayanand Foundation and is a venture set forth by the Venkateshwar Schools and Academics group. The campus is fully air-conditioned and has all the facilities required by the students to study in a friendly environment.

The school strongly believes that the children are the foundation of our nation and it leaves no stones unturned to educate its students in the best possible way. The school is concerned about creating a conducive learning environment that is friendly towards both parents as well as children.

Venkateshwar Signature School is a CBSE school in Raipur that follows both, the CBSE as well Cambridge curriculum. It is a Day Boarding School and has classes from Nursery to VI. The school believes that every student is unique in his or her own way. It follows a child-centric curriculum that has been specially designed by experienced senior educationists.

VSS believes in activity-based learning and puts more focus on the basic concepts. It educates the students in such a way that they are able to prosper in life in whichever field they pursue. Various experiments are carried out by the school authorities and the teachers from time to time to stimulate the intellectual capabilities of the students.

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The school helps to keep the students motivated at all times so that they are able to achieve all their career goals. VSS also gives a lot of importance to the discipline. It believes that discipline has a major role to play in moulding a child’s future.

Perhaps, the best CBSE school in Raipur, Venkateshwar Signature School tries to provide proper guidance to the students from a very young age. The school has a huge playground with a basketball court, a tennis court, a badminton court and cricket nets. Apart from that, there is a huge field where the students can play during the break.

It also has an air-conditioned bus facility for the students which is well-equipped with a GPS tracking facility. The bus service has a radius of around 20km-30km. The institute also takes the help of various advanced forms of technologies to impart knowledge to the students.

The Smart Class program allows the students to learn their lessons in an audiovisual environment.  All the classrooms are equipped with smart boards, Bluetooth mouse and computers along with the traditional whiteboards. The students are shown live images, videos and animations based on the chapters they are currently studying. This allows them to have a better grasp of all the important topics.

As one of the most famous CBSE schools in Raipur, Venkateshwar Signature School takes the help of various learning tools to provide the best education to the students. Some of these tools include Lab activities, Field Trips, Educational Visits, Projects, Dramatisation and Creative Games. It tries to bring about innovation in all its teaching methods.

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All the teachers and staff at Venkateshwar Signature School are highly qualified and attend to the needs of all the students individually. Venkateshwar Signature School also encourages the students to take part in various co-curricular activities like Yoga, Meditation, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Tennis, Chess, Aerobics, etc.

This helps in the simultaneous development of the mind and body and also promotes a healthy outlook towards exercise and sports. It also makes sure that the students are never in any potential problems. The tennis court is ITF approved while the basketball court is FIBA approved.

Venkateshwar Signature School also maintains an excellent student-to-teacher ratio so that all the students can get individual attention to the students. This makes it an excellent CBSE school in Raipur. The library is fully computerized and has a huge collection of books on every topic and subject. The computers have high-speed internet facilities so that the students are able to clear their doubts on any topic.

The library also comes with an open shelf system so that the students can search for the required books all by themselves. The students also have easy access to newspapers, journals, encyclopedias and magazines. Separate reading rooms are also available where the students can study in peace. All the classrooms are spacious and comfortable. The indoor auditorium is centrally air-conditioned.

It has a Public Address System and 3D technology in a proposed auditorium. The auditorium can serve as a multipurpose room where seminars, meetings and workshops can be conducted. All these facilities make Venkateshwar Signature School the best CBSE school in Raipur and one of the best places for your children to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

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