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Top 15 Best Gaming Apps to Earn Money Online

The world is brining & adopting new technology almost every day. Android phone is the most common example of technology that changed our life completely and made some impossible things to possible. Most people carry phones along them because cell phone makes us reachable to everyone all around the world. Nowadays, most of the smartphone in the market comes with best gaming apps, but do those pre-installed games worth your time?

We saw many new things on Android OS and gaming was one of the things which were joyful for us, but we never thought it would become profession of millions of people. There was no concept to make money through games because Android phone was reachable to very limited persons in last decade so, earning through gaming was some kind of impossible thing to do, but technology made it possible.

In world, you cannot survive without money since everything is only reachable if you are rich enough to buy it, but when you become a gamer, then it’s very difficult to handle both job & gaming career and then some people make it as a full-time job and to make money.

Our today’s article is to share 15 gaming apps to earn money so, check out each one-by-one and learn that how to earn money through gaming.

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Look, we have seen many games which are very difficult to operate so, earning money is out of the concept there so, that’s why we are going to mention those games which you even use to play in daily routine and you are professional in those games so, it might be very easy for the audience to earn money through these games.

Top 15 Best Gaming Apps 2020


PUBG is very popular game now-a-days and PUBG is single or multiplayer action game. Its gameplay is very easy and majority of people play it and it’s not a game because it’s an addiction which cannot be vanish. PUBG lovers don’t think about the timing or is it day or late at night because it has become an addiction so, the question is that how to earn money through this legendry game?

Many international companies organize many tournaments in a year and many professional PUBG players go & compete with others. Recently, a tournament “PUBG Global Championship” held so, many gamers came to compete there and the winning price was $2,000,000. You may see this amount just in your dreams because 20 lac dollars is owned by few persons, but through this event, people can earn more than what we expect.

8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool is a snooker game and considered most popular gaming application on Google Play-Store. 8 ball pool 🎱 is also among the best gaming apps that keep its users busy with fun characters. It’s also an online game where you can compete against countless people online all around the world. All what you need is an internet connectivity, and then you should make an account and learn some skills.

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I’m the one of the live example who earned money through 8 ball pool since it’s very demanding product on Play-Store and many people love to play it so, that’s why we included in top android game. You can earn maximum coins there and many people seeks the coins from the others so, that’s how you can run the business. When you have become the professional, then you can earn maximum coins, then you can sell them to the needed people.

Ludo Star Game

Ludo Star steals the 3rd spot in the list because Ludo is very popular product and it’s best game for time-pass because most of us have spent most of our lives by playing in real life so, Android OS knows our weakness and that’s why Ludo is also available for android OS, but it’s not over yet because you can earn money through Ludo.

Ludo Star contains many options like, Two Player or 4 players so, it’s up to you, but Ludo star provides an option to chat with others and if you have won a lot coins, then many buyers contact you through the chat option which the developer of Ludo Star provides so, that’s how Ludo is another source of money.

Tekken Games

A game that gives you all you ever wanted from all best gaming apps. Tekken series is a perfect source to earn money because many world-wide tournaments held throughout the year and we belong to Asia and many Asian players go there to show their skills. Most popular Tekken events are Evo, Evo Japan and Tekken World Tour Finals. Tekken world tour finals held at the December of every year. Last time, it took place in Thailand & many Asian players performed well there.

The developer Namco sponsors the winning prize of Tekken world tour finals and the winning prize was $75,000 for the 1st position holder and $200,000 were distributed among top 20 players in the event. You should not waste time and learn some tekken skills to be a rich men and Download Tekken 3 APK Game.

Call of Duty Mobile Game

Call of duty comes 4th in the list and Call of duty is a shooting game and considered one of the popular games for mobile because its gameplay is very amazing and secondly, the graphics quality is adorable so, many gamer go live on You Tube or Twitch and if you may search Call of duty Mobile stream, then you may see thousands of views within an hour so, that’s how Professional call of duty players can make money easily by sharing their stream. TEATV APK MOB is a good brand which allows live streams as well.

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Swagbucks is an android application that can be used to earn money online and it’s an American reward game where you can earn the points and you may get the maximum earning when you have the maximum points. It also contains some video advertisement which you have to watch & earn the maximum dollars. Multiple withdrawing options are available for this awesome application and it’s very easy to operate.

Swagbucks is also available on Chrome store so, its extension is also available. The application is 100% authentic and there is no scene of scam.

Swag IQ

Swag IQ tests your IQ level and tests your knowledge about surroundings around the world. It contains numbers of questions and you have to give accurate answer and the accuracy of the answer Is the most important thing here because they will pay you for the right answer and if your answers are wrong, then you are out of the game and they will not pay you a single penny. With all these amazing features, we recommend it to one of the best gaming apps you should try.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is very famous and it’s one the best gaming apps for Android containing users all around the world. Clash Royale hosts a tournament where different players compete each other to earn the gold & card. The player with most wins will have the maximum here and secondly, many people sell their accounts for sake of money and the buyers are also willing to buy those accounts.


HQ is a popular application that is available on Google Play-Store & Apple store. It’s almost similar to swag IQ because it’s the testing of your mind, but Swag IQ rewards you through gifts on different affiliate sites like, Amazon and you may be able to buy some kind of products from Amazon, but HQ directly pays you in $ which is very interesting thing.

The game contains 12 questions and gives one try per day. It means that you will have one try to give right answers of 12 questions and suppose, if your knowledge is enough to face those questions and you’re won, but someone also won along you, then the winning prize must be distributed among all the winners.

They have fixed the amount for the daily routine, but you may earn a big amount in the weekend because they double the winning prize on weekend. Suppose, any event comes in any month like, Christmas, then they may triple the winning prize so, it’s very interesting game to play.


StormX is a popular trusted application available on Google Play-Store. It’s an amazing application to earn the crypto currencies like we have Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin and Ehterium. You may need to complete some surveys by answering them, then some points will be added on your account and those points will generate crypto currency and it will appear on your crypto wallet.

StromX is considered the best application to earn BTC because it’s a trusted application and they do pay their customizers and that’s why people do believe them. What I like most about StormX is that it provides the option to play those games which we do play in our daily life for example Clash Royale. They will assign a task while playing it and you have to complete the given task.

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Brain Battle

If you are looking for best gaming apps then I guess you should give Brain battle a trial. Brain battle is very easy game and all what you have to do is to earn at least one ticket a day and they don’t ask the winners to distribute the amount among them, they do select one lucky winner from the list, but to increase the winning chances, you have to win maximum tickets and they will do a drawings among all the winners and select one winner by drawings.

They do provide new chance daily so, if you’re lost after doing a hard work, then you should not be disappointed since you may win the next day and you have no idea that what a new day can bring for you.

Big Time Cash

Big Time cash is similar to brain battle, but Big time cash application contains over 600 online games, you can earn maximum tickets by playing those games and those tickets can be used to enter in the drawings and they may choose a random winner and you could be the winner for next day so, try out this application which is free of cost.

To earn the prize, you have to invest maximum tickets in a single draws and your tickets must be more than others.


Blast is an amazing application available on Google Play-Store and you may see your favorite games there and you have to pass some missions. They will pay maximum earning for easy level mission, but they do pay maximum amount for a high-level mission so, keep doing high-level missions and earn the maximum amount from the Blast application.


Mistplay is considered one of the most trusted games which actually give reward of your efforts and its use is also same. You have to play different games, they will give you reward according to the level of any mission, but you may face very difficult missions there so, be ready to face those challenges & earn through them. I recommend this cheerful giver to those who are looking for best gaming apps for Android.

Mistplay don’t pay you directly and they do offer you to accept the gifts cards from Amazon, Xbox and Google Play-Store.


Lucktastic is the 15th most popular gaming application available on Google Play-store and I think that we have done injustice to Lucktastic because they pay you higher than others, but still we added it on the 15th spot so, let’s see which game steals your heart and if you have played any of these games, then do commit or should out your luck and see the adventure life in game.

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