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Top 10 IPTV Players To Play M3U8 Files Format On Android

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In this article we are sharing a list of latest M3U playlist URL Free plus a list of the top 10 IPTV players to play M3U8 files on Android. It’s quite unfortunate to see that most default media players don’t play IPTV M3U8 files.

Of course, that prompts people to find alternative players that can play M3u files and are compatible with all popular formats. We’ve reviewed some of the best IPTV players in this article, and to ensure that the content works for everyone, we’re going to list the best IPTV players for not only Android, but, iOS and Windows as well.

Top 10 IPTV Players for Android/Mac/iOS/Windows

1. Perfect IPTV Player

Perfect Player

Perfect Player IPTV helps you play various M3u files to easily enjoy your favorite movie or music video on a mobile phone, computer or television.


  • Supported playlist formats: M3U, XSPF
  • Local files watching (from SDCard, USB, etc)
  • Supported EPG formats: XMLTV, JTV
  • Udpxy (UDP-TO-HTTP proxy) server support
  • Can connect to IPTV data server (Perfect Player’s PC version) to fetch playlist, EPG, logos and the ability to request playlist update right away by specifying only IPTV data server address in Settings
  • Supports Perfect Cast IPTV – remote control app designed exclusively for Perfect Player.

Kindly be informed that this app doesn’t contain any channels, you need to add m3u Playlists url in Settings for this.

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If you are searching best IPTV player apk 2020 then GSE SMART IPTV is a must have app for you as it is one of the powerful live stream IPTV player that can play HTTP , HSL , M3U8 , MMS , RTSP and more.


  • Support a wide range of formats
  • Good hotkey support
  • Copy and paste M3U contents
  • RTMP support all options including secure tokens
  • Improved interface.

According to the developer of this wonderful m3u8 file player,

GSE SMART IPTV is a complete user defined Advanced IPTV solutions for live and non-live TV/stream.

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3. IPTV Pro

 IP-TV M3U player

Download IPTV Pro Apk to watch IPTV M3U playlist url from your Internet service provider or free live TV channels from any other source in M3U, EPG, and XSPF formats.

Features IP-TV Player Pro:

  • M3U and XSPF playlists support
  • Playlists history
  • Playing multicast streams with UDP proxy (proxy need to be installed in your LAN)
  • Grid, list or tile view of TV channels
  • EPG support in XMLTV and JTV formats
  • Internal and external video players.

According to the official directive,


If you want enjoy multicast streams it’s recommended to use UDP proxy for the following OS(s):

  • Windows: download and install UDP-to-HTTP proxy from or check the corresponding option while installing IP-TV Player
  • Linux: install udpxy (,


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4. IPTV Smarters Player

M3u playlist IPTV Smarters Pro

This m3u playlist url free player for Android has its internal codec, which makes it one of the top iptv smarters player that supports MPEG, M3u8, M3U, etc. The app is fully customizable and brandable for OTT service providers.


  • Support loading M3u File / URL
  • Live, Movies, Series & TV Catchup Streaming IPTV HD Played through our IPTV app
  • EPG supported
  • Parental Control
  • Built-in powerful IPTV player
  • External Players Integration
  • Attractive & Impressive Layout and More User-Friendly
  • Dynamic language switching
  • Embedded subtitle.

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[su_heading]Download IPTV Player For iOS[/su_heading]

Download link: [su_permalink rel=”nofollow”][/su_permalink]

5. LAZY IPTV Player

Lazy IPTV player allows you to view TV technology-based IPTV. This application does not contain a built-in playlists, and is only a client, allowing convenient and comfortable to watch TV online. Kindly use playlists in the format m3u or xspf.


  • This m3u8 files player can play almost all video formats, it can play http and udp streams, and links from vk-video/youtube
  • Internet radio playback via the built-in audio-player
  • M3u playlist support.

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6. Pocket IPTV – Free M3U8 File Player

Pocket IPTV Player is a smart IPTV client for your smartphone. It brings you an exciting world of entertainment in a very friendly manner.


  • Load local and remote m3u,xspf,jspf playlist on the Internet.
  • Cast any video to TV screen via AirPlay or ChromeCast.
  • Load and preview channel in playlist.

[su_quote]The Pocket IP-TV Player PRO let you watch free unlimited live TV channels of all around the world (Indian, Pakistani, American (US), Albania, South India, Netherlands, Punjabi, Bangla, UK, Nepal, Australia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Spain, Indonesia, Poland, Srilanka, Thailand, Afghan, France, Belgium, Iran, Kurdish, Turkish and other) as well as VOD, Music, Blockbuster Movies (Bollywood, South, Hollywood, Gujarati, Regional), trailer, Cartoon, Live News, Live Sports (Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Formula 1, Athletics, Table Tennis, Live Score for all Sports), ipl, world cup, Comedy, Wild Life / Science, Devotional, Kids, Series, Seasons, Recipes Playlist and all that you love in HD from any other source in the web IPTV provider’s playlist.[/su_quote]

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7. TVirl – Best IP-TV Player Online

TVirl integrates IPTV channels from your Internet service provider or online service directly into “Live Channels” with a beautiful and convenient user interface specially developed for large TV screens. TVirl IPTV player is another awesome iptv smarters player that does not need external media players to switch channels and watch TV programs.


  • Load M3U playlist (local or from internet)
  • Programs (EPG) in XmlTV and JTV formats
  • Load channels logo
  • Multicast/UDP, DASH, HLS, HTTP Progressive, RTMP
  • MPEG-TS, mp4
  • h264/h265/MPEG-2/AC-3/MP2/MP3/… etc. (depends on decoders installed on the device)
  • Add your own archives with logo or EPG.

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8. Cosmi DVR – IPTV PVR for Android TV

Cosmi DVR is an IP based tuner / plug-in for Android TV’s System TV app such as “Live Channels” to play IPTV Streams from playlists and also enables the DVR capabilities of “Live Channels” such as Rewind, Fast Forward Live TV and scheduled recordings.

Notice! DVR Recording functionality requires an external drive (SD Card or USB) that is 50GB or larger formatted as device storage.

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9. Televizo IPTV player

Televizo IPTV App Player

Televizo IP-TV Player – Televizo is available for free with its open source service and it can handle all audio video files along with extended support to HLS, UDP, RTMP and others. This Smart IPTV App offers a wide selection of configuration options for video such as Parental control (playlist editor); Favorites; Audio track selection; And much more…

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[su_dropcap]W[/su_dropcap]ithout an expensive cable TV subscription, you can only watch NEW IPTV with an internet connection. If you have high standards and expect only the best from television and programs, NOVA IPTV is the right choice for you! NOVA m3u player is a sleek, powerful and best iptv player that works with hundreds of formats, including high definition video.

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Latest M3U Playlist URL Free And How To Use Them Easily

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest m3u playlist address or IPTV playlist for KODI or other supported media players and streaming, here are some free IPTV M3u playlist addresses offering over 90000+ FHD HD, SD and Live HD Sports can watch free channels from USA, Europe, UK, UAE and all other countries.

So, for everyone using Amazon Firestick, Android TV, ROKU, and Kodi, you can now get 30,000+ live IPTV channels for all your entertainment needs!

Best M3u Playlist Url Free

Over 2000 World IPTV Channels
Over 1000 Radio Stations
Over 3000 Live Sports Channels
Over 5000 VOD Movies and TV Shows
Over 200 Religious Free IPTV Channels
Over 4000 Live IPTV Channels
Over 500 CCTV Channels
Brazil + Portugal TV Channels
Chile Live TV Channels
Argentina Free IPTV Channels
India + Pakistan iPTV Channels
Spain IPTV Channels
CCTV channels
Faith Channels
Arabic IPTV Channels Cenima
Spanish IPTV Channels
Japanese Free IPTV Channels Cenima
French IPTV Channels
Portuguese IPTV Channels
Love IPTV Channels
Italian Free IPTV Channels
UK IPTV free m3u m3u8 IPTV Channels
Taiwan Free IPTV m3u

How To Use M3u Playlist URL

If you want to know how to add the .m3u8 file to VLC media player, follow these quick steps

[su_note note_color=”#ff66b8″]To use any of the above ip-tv smarters player on Windows and Mac operating system, kindly use any of the top performing Android emulator for Mac or windows. and enjoy the as seen on smartphones.[/su_note]

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