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Which Marble Worktop Is Right For Modern Kitchens?

When it comes to a striking marble countertop, you will be spoilt for choices. For, there are hundreds of stunning marble countertops featured on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, making you fall in love with these beautiful materials as you scroll through the numerous feeds featuring it. So, if you have a modern kitchen and are contemplating adding this elegant material to your countertop, here are some options you can choose from.

The Pros of Marble Countertops

Before moving onto the different marble countertop designs that would suit modern kitchens, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits you stand to get when choosing this material. For starters, marble as a countertop material is highly heat resistant. This means you can place hot utensils and objects (not piping hot ones though) directly on the countertop without worrying about burning or etching the surface.

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Marble also comes with a look that is hard to imitate by other materials. For instance, the visual elegance and sophistication offered by a classic white marble worktop are almost impossible to replicate. Other notable pros of marble countertops would include affordability, longevity, durability, etc, making this material one of the most preferred choices for countertop surfaces.

The Right Marble Worktop for Modern Kitchens

With that in mind, let’s move on to choosing the right marble worktop for your modern kitchen.

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Classic White Marble Design

There’s something magical about a classic white kitchen featuring a stunning white marble worktop. White exudes an aura of sophistication that would make anyone fall in love with the colour. Couple it with hues of cream or brown and you have a kitchen that would make jaws drop for sure. For instance, a kitchen featuring cream/brown coloured cabinetry and a white marble countertop with light coloured veins flowing through its surface would become a show stopper.

Pietra Grey Marble Design

If you are the person who does not prefer a shiny, polished look to a kitchen countertop, this design would be the right fit for your kitchen. The Pietra grey marble design features slabs, which are ground to obtain flat surfaces with a matte finish. Smooth and chic looking, this honed marble countertop design would fit any modern kitchen with ease.

White Thassos Marble Design

If you are a lover of the white marble worktop, consider opting for another white design like the White Thassos. A snow-white background is best complemented by light shades of blue or green on the floors and walls and white or grey cabinetry. Choose silver or gold coloured faucets and cabinet hardware to add some bling.

Calacatta Gold Marble Design

Exuding the aura of a timeless style that is sure to stand out in any space, the Calacatta Gold marble countertop features a light cream-coloured marble surface with gold/grey veins coursing its surface. The luxurious countertop design looks great when combined with hues of brass or gold coloured hardware.

Blue And Gold Marble Design

If you want a bit more dramatic than white, we recommend this gorgeous marble worktop, which features stunning gold and blue veins amidst a stunning marble background. Sure to fit your modern kitchen with ease, this design can work great with white coloured backsplashes and backgrounds, along with brass coloured hardware.

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Carrera Marble Design

Marble and wood have a unique way of blending seamlessly with each other to offer a visually endearing workspace. The Carrera marble worktop aims to achieve just that by complementing a background filled with stained oak or maple cabinetry. Imparting a more rugged look, this design is sure to offer a rustic appeal to a modern kitchen. Be sure to incorporate a backsplash that complements the white marble worktop surface to enhance its appeal even more.

Black Marble Design

Not many are fond of using black colour in their kitchens. However, one look at the dramatic black marble worktop surface is enough to win your heart over. Although a dark coloured background, the worktop surface makes up for it with white, grey or gold coloured veins coursing the surface. Fitting perfectly into any modern kitchen which uses hues of white, cream or even black in its walls and surrounding surfaces, a black marble worktop lends an old-world Hollywood charm to a kitchen. If you wish to incorporate the colour to your kitchen worktop, ensure to bring on some glitzy elements like gold coloured faucets and pendant lighting to highlight it more.


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