10 Best Note Taking Apps With Stylus For Android (2020)

Whether you’re a tech-savvy blogger or a student, you’ve probably realized the usefulness of having the best note taking apps. As one of the most fundamental tools for studies, you can’t go wrong having few of your to-do lists in your back pocket.
The note taking applications are more than just saving notes and checklist. They have features that will definitely ease your studies, research and other professionalism. With the use of these apps, we can make a daily to do list, save new recommendations, create a reminder & share notes easily.

However, it is best when apps are available for offline use. Offline apps for Android are easy to use, not everyone always has an internet connection. That is why we recommend apps that are free and can be used offline. Download these free note taking apps for Android in the Google Play Store!

10 Best Free Note Taking Apps  for Android in 2020

So, What are the best free note taking apps for Android? For us, it’s Google keep, because it uses all available online resources to give you the meaning of the word you typed in the Google search box.

Besides Google keep, here are some of the best note taking apps available for Android in the Google Play Store.

1. EverNote

This is an Android app you can use conveniently as a planner, organizer & notebook app to take notes, write journals & memos on your Android smartphone. It helps you to easily take notes and create notebooks in various formats, including text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings and more . You can use this application in many ways, it has other functions that can help you with your daily activities.


  • Get offline access to your notes and notebooks
  • Save emails in Evernote
  • Search Office documents and attachments
  • Annotate PDFs
  • Scan and digitize business cards.
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If you do not have evernote yet, get it on Google Play!

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2. Microsof To Do

It’s another great note taking app that help you stay organized and manage your daily tasks. You can use Microsoft To Do to create shopping lists or to-do lists, take notes, register collections, schedule an event or set reminders to increase your productivity and focus on what’s important to you. It makes it easy to stay organized and manage your life.

Microsoft to do

We know that Microsoft to do is not the regular note taking app you were looking for. However, this can be a useful tool, especially when you are looking for something mobile and time-saving.


  • Office 365 integration
  • Daily planner
  • To Do lists for any purpose
  • Task manager

Microsoft note taking app helps you organize and simplify your plans, whether it’s for work, school, or home. The best part? It is free and available across the web and iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows devices.

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3. Microsoft NoteOne

An above average free note taking app with a simple user interface, that’s the Microsoft OneNote. It’s one of the best notes and reminders app which you can currently download and use to capture ideas, plan a big event, seize a moment of inspiration to create something new, and track your list of errands that are too important to forget right in your pocket. Moreover, Microsoft NoteOne has more advanced features.

Microsoft NoteOne Notepad


  • Take Notes And Achieve More
  • Capture Content And Get Organized
  • Save Ideas At The Speed of Light
  • Collaborate and Share Notes
  • Better Together With Microsoft Office

You can get the app for FREE on Google Play Store and ease your note taking activities remarkable.

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4. WeNote – Color Notepad

Some folks wanted to have the best note taking app app on their Android phone for reference in doing other things in their professions. WeNote is yet another simple and easy app to use when it comes to writing down notes, emails, phone numbers, messages, cooking recipes, diary, journal, shopping lists and to-do lists, you will realize this is the easiest and quickest to use notepad on earth. It is a great alternative for Google Keep.

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  • Stick note to status bar
  • Lock app, notes and to-do lists via PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint
  • Create color notes and to-do lists
  •  Organize using label and color
  • Audio recording allows hands free note-taking
  • Customize via various fonts, viewing modes and sorting modes.

5. Free Notes App

Despite the fact that the Free Notes App is not a popular note taking app available in the market. You would really enjoy your learning and research using this app. It is jam-packed with helpful features that lets you easily manage and fast your personal notes taking.

Free Note taking app


  • Encrypted secure notes
  • Add unlimited photos
  • Video recording
  • Integrated alarm clock with music or alarm
  • Add location to your note using Google Maps places.
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6. Writing Notes

Writing notes is another easy & simple notepad that you can use for quick note taking, for writing a diary or as a private notebook. With the Free Notes, you do not have to worry about which to use for memo alarm reminders, to do list or checklist notes.

Write notes app


  • Write notes with finger (handwritten note taking & drawings).
  • Take audio notes using the voice recording notepad.
  •  You can set private note locks for specific notes or checklists without having to lock the entire app.
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7. ColorNote

ColorNote is a great free note taking app for Android! It is one of the well-known note taking apps with lots of advanced features. ColorNotes will save you time when you write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. The app has a simple interface, you can use it completely offline. It’s free and has no ads. Amazing, right?

ColorNote Note taking app

The app features two basic note taking formats, a lined-paper styled text option, and a checklist option.


  • Powerful task reminder
  • Share notes via SMS, e-mail or Twitter
  • Organize notes by color
  • Online backup and sync cloud service.
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8. NoteBook

Looking for a tool to organise your notes, lists, voice notes, files in just a click? This awesome note taking app with help you do the job in no time. Notebook offers different ways to take notes and record your thoughts conveniently.

Notebook note taking app

If really you need the best android app for notes and reminders, Well, Notebook note taking app has an impressive service for you!

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9. Offline Notepad

Offline notepad is a super simple, completely best offline notes and reminders app for Android. This note-taking app has an easy to use interface. The app allows you to use it even on offline just as its name implies.

Offline notepad app


  • Revisit old revisions
  • Pin your favoured notes
  • Organise your notes & lists into folders
  • Search note by title.
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10. Unicorn Notepad App

Last but not the least on the list is another best Android app for notes and reminders called “Unicorn Notepad”. This is one of the best note taking apps with stylus for Android that you can get on Google Play for free.

best note taking app with stylus android

It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists.


  • Checklist
  • Sorting notes
  • Many stickers
  • Many colors of backgrounds
  • Import notes
  • Export notes.
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11. Google Keep

Google Keep, the best Notes, Lists, and Reminders app for Android. Just like other apps in its category, the Google Keep is simply the quickest way to offload ideas, thoughts, and to-dos conveniently. It  use “Ok Google” voice commands to “take a note” or “add to to-do list”.

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Final Thought

You never know when that moment will arrive when you will curse yourself for not having a decent note taking function on your smartphone. Most of the time, we read, study or even communicate with people, we come across words that we don’t know then we tend to save them for future reference and that brought about best note taking apps. Hope you find the list useful?


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