Best Practices for Environmental Signage in Charlotte

Environmental signage is a signage that develops on bases of environmental parameters which are built in a view to protect the sign. They use durable material that withstands the unfavorable weather conditions.

Keep the Signage Text Simple

Please ensure the text used in simple in nature. It delivers a clear message from the signage to attract the potential customers.

Create A Strong Headline

Your Signage headline is impactful, it should enable your customers to comprehend the message effectively.

Consider a bold font size

Please consider a bold font size so that your Custom Signs is visible from a distance. This is a long term investment so please invest wisely for the same.

Design & Color Theme

The design and color theme of the signage allows you to decide how to enhance the look and feel of your signage to attract the right kind of clients.

Environmental Signage

Signage has a high return on investment:
Since it’s a long term investment this allow you to deliver a crisp and clear message to your clientele at a glance so invest wisely and avoid replacement cost on the investment done at a single time.

Signage Should Create the First Impression

Signage creates the first impression, which leaves an impression about your brand on the minds of the customers. It acts as a tool for direct marketing this first impression will add value to your overall business strategy.

Signage is a Navigating Tool

Signage acts as a navigating tool for creating an in house shopping experience for the customers. Signage also act as call to action direct the customers on what to do. How to do. Signage navigation allows the shoppers to access the store at their ease and convenience.

Additional Practices for Creating a Signage

Please keep the message sweet and short it should be read in a time span of just 5 seconds and the message should leave an imprint on the minds of the customers.

The punch line or the slogan on the signage should be an eye catcher and it should be interesting.

Use the design methodology which provides a hierarchal approach to the signage which makes grasping the message simple and easy.

Signage should be goal oriented, without a purpose a signage is meaningless.

Kinds of Signage and Styles

Outdoor signage is outdoor in nature, this signage is in sidewalk ways, and windows need to be highly visible so that your Lobby Signage does not block flow of moving traffic.

Information Signage: this is departmental and directional signage, wayfinding signage should allow people to find their ways in an easy and effective manner.

Persuasive Signage: this allows the signage to work better and promote limited period offer, you can evoke emotions of readers by different colors messages and patterns on the signage which enable the reader to spend few seconds to read and understand your signage.

Accessibility signage are important for enhancing the look and feel you’re the business premises. It makes the customer belong to your business.

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