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8 Best Video Streaming Apps of All Time

These days the internet is full of videos. Everyone prefers to Stream videos instead of reading the text version of anything. Let’s suppose I want to learn something, and what I will do is go to YouTube and search for the thing that I want to learn. So we can say that videos are replacing the text format day-by-day. So Let Look At some Major Video Streaming Apps

Streaming Apps

Because to watch the videos, you need a good internet connection and a smartphone or Laptop. You can watch unlimited videos on your Smartphones or Laptops with ease. If you want to watch unlimited videos, then you have come to the right place. Today we will be sharing eight best streaming apps that you can use on your Smartphones or Laptops to watch videos you like.

On these apps, you can watch the videos you want, all of them will be in 1080p. The list of streaming apps is extensive, but we will mention the eight popular streaming apps that are easy-to-use. So let’s dive right into the record.

8 Best Streaming Apps To Watch Free Videos

These are the eight apps that you must install on your Smartphones if you are a video nerd.

1.  Netflix

Netflix is one of the best streaming apps that has conquered the streaming industry. This app has 183 million paid users who surf this app daily. Netflix is famous because of many reasons, and in other words, we can say, here are some best features of this app.

  • You can watch unlimited videos in 4K and 1080p quality
  • The videos’ list is so extensive if you start exploring videos from the morning, night time will come, but the videos will not end
  • All the latest released videos and movies are uploaded in less than no time
  • You can add four users in one account, and the rest three can use Netflix without any problem
  • In just one click, you can sign up on this app, and once your account is created, you can explore the content you want

These are some features for which Netflix is so popular. There are a bunch of other features, and you will experience those features while exploring the app. You can sign up on Netflix by just visiting its website.

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Every country user is given a different badge. If you are a US resident, then a US badge will be given to you. If you are a UK resident, then a UK badge will be given to you. Moreover, the popular videos are shown on the Netflix app’s main page, according to the country user notation.

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2. Disney Plus

Disney Plus has conquered the streaming industry in a short time. It was released on November 12, 2019, and in just a short time, it has earned 54.5 million users. Netflix was released in 1999, but it has 183 million users approximately. You can see the difference, how Disney Plus has gained these many users in just nine months. Some other key features of Disney Plus are as follow:

  • Seven users can use one account, and the monthly subscription money can be contributed to those seven people
  • You can use Disney Plus app on every console you want
  • The videos result in 4K and 1080p. You can set the aspect ratio to 4:3 or 16:9; the choice is yours
  • You can either turn the subtitles on or off; it is also in your hands

These were some extra features in Disney Plus. These features are also available on Netflix, but we can say that Disney Plus has some additional features.

Now Disney Plus has been expanded in many countries. In the beginning, it was only released in Canada, the USA, and the Netherlands. But now it has expanded its visibility in Asian countries too. Like in India, Hotstar has partnered with Disney Plus. Now Bollywood stuff will also be hosted on Disney Plus, and no doubt, the Bollywood industry has dominated the market.

3. Hulu

So in the 3rd place, I will say that Hulu is the best. Hulu was released on October 29, 2007, and it has more than 30 million users. The Walt Disney Company is its parent, and Comcast Corporation is its other partner. The Comcast Corporation provides content in Japanese language. Hulu has two types of videos, the first one is in English format, and the second one is in the Japanese language.

Here are some features in Hulu:

  • The very first one that I like is the quality of every video is 4K and 1080p
  • Three types of subscriptions are available for users
  • You get a seven-day free trial to test the app, and you get captured in those seven days
  • A vast collection of videos, movies and TV shows
  • The option of downloading the videos you like and watching them later
  • You can record a live match up to 50 hours into your DVR, and then watch it later or upload it somewhere else

These were some fantastic features in the Hulu app, and you can use this app on several consoles. Hulu has three packages, and all of them are good, but the third one is outstanding, with elite features.

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Hulu Basic, Hulu No Ads Plan, and Hulu + Live TV are the three packages of this app. I like Hulu No Ads Plan because this package doesn’t let you get irritated by the ads.

4. HBO Max

HBO Max is a newly released streaming app, and its official release date is May 27, 2020. You can run HBO Max on three different devices at the same time. We can say HBO Max is not a new streaming app to some extent because the HBO Studio has previously released two apps. HBO GO, and HBO Now are the two apps that already exist in the industry. Now the users of HBO GO and HBO Now are moved onto HBO Max, so that is the reason I was saying that HBO MAX is not the new app.

  • 10000+ hours of content is available to watch anytime and at any place
  • No advertisements irritate you while watching any video
  • Famous TV series like Rick and Morty, and several other seasons are withdrawn from Netflix, and now they are hosted on HBO Max
  • A separate page for kids, so that the kids can explore the content they like
  • You can save the video you like, and then watch it later in your HBO Max library

These five features, I like them very much, and that is the reason I’ve placed HBO Max on the 4th spot. One thing that I don’t like personally. HBO Max doesn’t offer you a free trial, so you cannot test this app. You’ve to buy the monthly subscription to use this app. The developers have given no trial offer to the users.


VUDU is another great US-based streaming app that was founded on 25 November 2004. It is an old app in the streaming market, but it failed to gain popularity as Netflix has acquired. But still, it is the best streaming app with countless features.

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  • You can select the genre you like and explore a lot of content in it
  • In every genre, you will see the latest released content first, then the rest
  • A wide selection of devices are supported, and the videos support 4K format
  • Top-rated movies and other viral news are featured on the main page
  • Arranging the list of your choice, when you don’t want to see other stuff

These were the VUDU app features, and you can use this app on Smartphones, Laptops, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Some other devices include iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and Google Nexus Tablets. You can visit this recommended website to get detailed information about this app.

6. Sony Crackle

On 6th spot comes the top streaming app, whose name is Sony Crackle. This app is only available for US users; other country users must use a VPN to use this app. Its release date is May 4, 2007, and it hasn’t expanded its services outside the US.

  • Sony Crackle has several partners who host their content on this app
  • You will see dozens of categories when you will open this app
  • It has unlimited consoles on which you can the videos you like
  • Several TV channels have partnered with Sony Crackle, so we can see that unlimited dramas are uploaded on it
  • Watch the latest releases of Hollywood movies, shows and seasons

You can use Crackle on any device you want. You can never end the videos on any streaming app because of those apps; the content is updated thoroughly.

7. Sling TV

Sling TV is an excellent American based streaming service that delivers the best content to its users.

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It has several features, and some of them are:

  • It prefers sports content, so people who are fond of watching sports must use this app
  • Live coverage of the news that top TV channels are showing
  • Saving the channel video, or bookmarking the video, so that the video appears in your library
  • Dozens of genres including the action, crime and thriller movies are handed to you to watch restlessly
  • If you are stuck in any problem, you can visit its “Guides” page to understand and solve your problem

Sling TV has 2.59 million subscribers these days. It only covers the US, so these are too much because many people are using other streaming services. The content of Fox News can also be seen on this app.

8. Hoopla

So the last one is the Hoopla, and I’ll explain why. Hoopla users have several options to watch videos they like.

  • Hoopla has two things, a website and an Android App. The users who don’t want to download their app can use their website to explore content directly
  • You can read books when you have downloaded their app
  • You can also listen to audiobooks and podcasts
  • Live content has a separate page when something is happening live; you can view it by opening that page

These were the Hoopla app features, and I don’t think these features existed in other apps.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the list of top eight streaming apps that you can use on your Android Phone. In the upcoming days, we will explore some more apps that are best for streaming. If you need any help related to streaming, then we are here for you. Don’t hesitate and tell us about your problem.


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