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Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Streaming Service for Your Children in 2021

Streaming service for kids

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There are various streaming services available on the internet but just few of them are safe for kids.

It’s been a year since quarantine started in the United States. That’s a year parents have had to find ways to entertain their children without going outside. It’s been a tough job, but fortunately, places are starting to open back up.

But that doesn’t mean parents can rush to the closest playground or daycare just yet; you’ll still need to find ways to entertain your children. Fortunately, plenty of streaming services offer a plethora of kids’ shows and movies that are just waiting to be binged.

That said, finding a good streaming service that both you and your children will enjoy can be difficult. And then there’s the process of securing said streaming service, so your kids don’t run into mature content. Today, let’s go over the best streaming services available right now for children.

The Best Streaming Platforms for Children


Let’s kick off this list by talking about the most popular streaming service out there, Netflix. At first glance, Netflix doesn’t seem like a good choice for streaming children’s shows. After all, it’s the same streaming service that hosts shows such as 13 Reasons Why. However, Netflix boasts superb parental controls, as well as the ability to limit what your kids can watch via the creation of a special Kids profile.

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Netflix’s Kids profile limits curated content to only shows, and movies rated Y and G, meaning you won’t need to worry about your kids running into inappropriate content.

The only downside to this is that Netflix’s selection of children’s content can be a bit lacking. It boasts a large catalog, but certain cartoons such as Adventure Time are limited to certain regions outside the United States. As long as you know how to use a Netflix VPN, however, you’ll easily be able to bypass these geographical restrictions.


While Netflix arguably boasts the biggest streaming catalog, there’s no better streaming service for a kid than Disney+. For only $8 a month, you and your children will have unlimited access to Disney’s catalog.

The best part is that truly inappropriate content is rare on Disney+, as the most violent content you may find will lie in shows like The Mandalorian and The Avengers (though this may change).

Fortunately, you can limit what your kids watch just like Netflix. And with full access to Disney’s decades-long catalog, your children won’t run out of content to binge anytime soon.

PBS Kids

If you want your kids to have something to watch but don’t feel like paying for Netflix or Disney+, there is an amazing alternative: PBS Kids.

PBS is known for its fantastic, kid-friendly content. From Arthur to Mr. Rogers, there is no shortage of content for your kids. There is one catch, however. You can watch PBS Kids for free, but it will work similarly to the regular PBS channel, where you’ll be forced to watch whatever show is broadcasting at that time.

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However, you do have the option of paying for a premium subscription via Amazon Prime, where you’ll be able to stream whatever shows you want.

How to Kid-Proof These Streaming Services

1. Enable Parental Controls

Most streaming services come with parental controls that help parents limit what their children can watch and how long they can stay on the app. Sometimes, these parental controls aren’t as fleshed-out as parents would like, but they do get the job done.

For example, you can limit what your kids see on Netflix via the aforementioned profile system. Other streaming services will even allow you to block certain content entirely (Amazon Prime Video, for example).

2. Supervise What Your Children Watch

No matter how many parental controls you enable, nothing will replace old-fashioned supervision. Whenever your kid is watching something on Netflix or Disney+, it’s important that you’re able to check in on them regularly. Kids are smart, and they may try to work their way around enabled parental controls to see what mom and dad are watching, so make sure you’re able to see what they’re watching, or designate TV time to a public area, like the living room.

3. Log Your Children Out When Done

When your children are done watching TV because they need to go to bed or start school, make sure that you log them out of said streaming service when you are done. This advice goes for parents who allow their children to watch Netflix and other streaming services on personal devices (phones, tablets, etc.).

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Logging them out when they’re done will prevent them from watching inappropriate shows and movies or attempting to do so without your supervision.


Keeping children under control during the pandemic has been a challenge and a half. But nothing calms a kid more than an episode of their favorite show. Whether you use Netflix or Disney+, just make sure you’ve enabled parental controls. Other than that, sit back and relax!

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