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Top 5 Best Video Compressor(s) to Compress Video Files Online Free [MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, FLV]

If you are looking for the Best Video Compressor to Compress a video online for WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or any other social network and website in 3gp, MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, FLV, etc, below are some of the best free online video compressors that comes with all you need. Some social media networks have video dimension restrictions, so if your video surpasses the platform’s video clip dimension restriction especially if they were recorded in high resolution you have to compress that video to satisfy the specifications of a specific social media.

There are many video size converter online of which you can choose from, in this article, we will walk you through some of the best video compressors (websites) which enables you to compress video clips wherever and whenever.

Top 5 Free Online Video Compressors

1. Online UniConverter — Best Video Compressors

BEST VIDEO COMPRESSOR is one the most effective online video compressor to press video clip online without losing quality and also free. It supports most popular video clip layouts consisting of MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, FLV, etc. You’re enabled to decrease video file dimension by altering video resolution, outcome dimension, and also data style with no software application download and installment. Online UniConverter is one of the best video compression tools to reduce video file sizes online for free. It allow you to compress MP4, MP3, MOV, and more without watermark.

How to Compress A Video Online With UniConverter

  • Visit
  • Add video you want to compress
  • Choose output settings and click “COMPRESS
  • Download the compressed video or save to Dropbox.

2. Clipchamp


Clipchamp quick video compressor helps you compress large video files so you can quickly store, publish and share them without software download. When it comes to best free online video compressors to reduce video sizes from old AVI files to new WebM videos, the Clipchamp compressor supports a wide variety of input formats and resolutions that makes it my favorite video .

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The Clipchamp is for anyone who wants to optimize their videos for easier uploading or saving, sharing or viewing. Compress your videos for web, mobile or turn it into a gif – the output is entirely up to you, with an internet connection, you can compress your videos from anywhere, any time.

How to compress videos with Clipchamp

  • Visit
  • Upload your video to the Clipchamp Utilities dashboard
  • Select between our recommended settings or customize the resolution and format according to your needs. Press Start to begin the compression
  • Once compressed, you may preview your optimized video online. You can upload and share online or save the file to your computer. Select Go back if you want to modify the compression settings before saving.

Visit Clipchimp website today and start compressing videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and more…

3. Clideo — Best Video Compressor

Clideo Video compressor

You just have to import a video you’d like to reduce the size from a folder on your computer by clicking on the Choose File button. This Clideo online video compressor has 500MB video file limit, so how long the file compression is going to be instantly. If you have a large video file for uploading to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or for sending via Email? It’s not a problem anymore, with clideo free online video compressor you can easily make your video smaller without losing quality.

Clideo’s interface is user-friendly so you don’t need to have any special video editing skills before using it!

How to reduce video file size online with Clideo

  • Visit
  • Choose a file up to 500 MB for free from any of your devices: Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows. You can also select it from your Google Drive or Dropbox account
  • Wait a few moments while the tool is setting up the necessary parameters for your video
  • Watch the preview to make sure everything is okay. If it’s so, download the video back to your device, otherwise, go back to editing.
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4. FreeConvertere

best video compressor tool

As the suggest, FreeConverter is an online-based free video compressor tool tool to reduce MP4, AVI, MKV file size in two simple steps. You can upload a file from your computer for faster upload speeds and then proceed to select the video output, codec, and your preferred target size. It’s one of the best video compressor that can create output video files in MP4, AVI, MKV file formats.

There are two main methods to compress a video. You can either optimize the bitrate or resize the video to a smaller size. These features makes freeconverter an advanced free online video compressor everyone should go for.  If you are looking for how to compressor the size of a mp4 video online check the simple methods below.

How To Compress Video With FreeConverter

  • Visit
  • Click the “Choose Video” button to select your video file
  • Keep the default options (they do a great job!) or specify advanced options
  • Click on the “Compress Video” button to start compression
  • When the status change to “Done” click the “Download Video” button.

Other compressing tools by FreeConverter:

  1. PNG Compressor
  2. JPEG Compressor
  3. GIF Compressor
  4. PDF Compressor
  5. Image Compressor

5. KeepVid

KeepVid online video compressor

KeepVid is a web-based video compressor and converter that allows you to change the format of videos, images, documents or audio files. In addition, you can also choose from a variety of video presets that allow you to prepare your video files for use on Vimeo, YouTube platforms, smartphones and other devices.

Feature Of KeepVid — Free Online Video Compressor

  • MP4 Compressor: KeepVid MP4 Video Compressor is a handy video compressor website that can help you make your MP4 videos smaller with one click. This online video compressor solution is very easy to use and you can handle it in seconds. It is also 100% free to use and you can compress MP4 online without worry.
  • KeepVid MOV Compressor: KeepVid Online MOV video compressor is a very easy to use online compressor and it is 100% free to use. The online compressor can help you to compress MOV file size online with one click. You can also choose the desired compression option.
  • KeepVid Video Compressor for Email: KeepVid video compressor allows you to compress video for email with one click. The process is simple and straightforward.KeepVid Online Video Compressor for Email also offers customizable compression options, allowing you to enter the compression rate you need. Compress video for email online with KeepVid is completely free and your privacy is well protected.
  • KeepVid Online Video Compressor for YouTube:KeepVid online video compressor to minimum size for YouTube allows you to compress video online before uploading it to YouTube with one click. This online YouTube video compressor can help you compress and convert video to YouTube compatible video format in a short time. This online video compressor for YouTube is 100% free and safe to use and very easy to use.
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How to Compress Video Online With KeepVid

  • Visit
  • Add the MP4 video from your computer by dragging and dropping, or clicking the Add Files button.
  • Select the file size option in the drop-down menu, or click the Gear icon to make advanced settings.

Now you can click the Compress button to start compressing MP4 video.

Why Choosing KeepVid?

  1. Save Your Time
  2. Support 50+ Formats
  3. Customized Compression
  4. Quality Options
  5. Privacy protection, etc.

Smaller video sizes make it much easier to work with videos offline and online. Compressing not only saves storage space, it also makes your computer load faster regardless of the operating system. Batch compression in some of these free online video compressors is also an option for anyone with a significant number of videos to optimize.


A large size video can sometimes prevent you from sharing it with your friends and loved ones. You can solve this problem by using one of the best video compressors that we have discussed in this article. Thanks for reading…

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