5 Biggest Laptop Trends In 2020 At A Glance

If you are interested in knowing about the top laptop trends in 2020, then you should be aware that CES is the biggest tech event that presents a sea of new products.

Consumer Electronics Show or the CES in a yearly trade show which is organized by Consumer Technology Association. This event is hosted every year at the Las Vegas Convention in the USA and in January.

The event has taken place since 1967, and it forms the prime event that gives the world a clue about what trends to expect in electronics, including laptops.

The CES 2020 was also held in January, and we have some insights about the top trends that your HP laptop, Dell laptop, iBall laptop and more will see over time. Go through this post and know more!

Laptop Trends To Watch Out In 2020

Desktop Replacements Will Be Here Soon

You may come across the Asus ROG Mothership, a surface pro-style detachable which converts into a desktop monitor and a separate keyboard. However, if a desktop is what you may not be looking for, someone is also coming up with a giant laptop that may work wonders for you. Stay tuned for such launches in the Indian market!

Gaming Laptops Won’t Only Be For Gaming Purposes Anymore

It has been heard from laptop companies, Microsoft and even from Nvidia that gaming laptops are not only for gaming anymore. At a recent press conference, Nvidia CEO has been quipped that the company’s RTX GPUs will work to speed up animation programs and 3D modeling, broadcast-quality streaming and more from one laptop only.

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Get Ready For More AMD Options

It won’t be surprising to see more companies announcing their laptops with AMD’s CPUs in 2020. Hence, the number of laptop manufacturers coming with AMD’s CPUs is going to increase in India and elsewhere. Thus, you may buy an affordable laptop in India as machines with AMD’s CPUs are priced lower than Intel as there are numerous laptops under 30000 available here. But, after having said that, Intel will be more or less likely to continue its dominance among markets and preferred by users for yet another year.

It’s Time To Embrace OLED And 240 Hz Screens

HP’s one of the key announcements at CES was the 15-inch Spectre x360 with an OLED display which may have hit the market by now. Dell is not far behind either as it plans that its 15-inch laptops, especially under the Dell G Series Alienware, may see OLED later in 2020. HP has also announced at the CES event that the Omen Gaming notebook will be equipped with an amazing 240 Hz option. It means that you can clearly enjoy better and blur-free picture quality while playing games and watching faced-paced videos.

No Major Redesigns To Come Your Way

Leading and emerging laptop brands are not going to tweak any major redesigns so far. Some of the minor redesigns that you may experience may be the Dell moving the webcam of XPS 13 above the display and tweaked the hinge for easier opening. Even Lenovo’s ThinkPad lineup has some new additions to show up, but overall similar designs as that of others with nothing revolutionary.

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You will come to notice some of the top laptop trends as and when new models from HP, Dell and other brands are released in India. One thing is for sure that key notebook makers are involved in churning out something new. Hence, it may provide the end-users with a great computing experience later in the year.

If you are ready to embrace new laptop trends, then you can easily buy an advanced and best HP laptop or others without stretching your wallet.

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