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Boost your brand And business on Instagram Or other platforms with employee advocacy

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Employee advocacy continues to buzz in human resource circles’ zenith, including marketing and sales as well. But despite its soaring popularity, most brands have not yet fully activated its employee base.

  • Although this concept has been there for a long time in myriad forms, social media and internet have revolutionized employee advocacy by integrating new scopes.
  • Fundamentally, it’s the promotion of a brand by its staff personnel. In addition to generating awareness and exposure for a brand through both offline and digital media channels, it also showcases your business’ best interests.
  • Social media has been instrumental in changing the way companies utilize this concept. Your customers/followers spend a chunk of their free time on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms.
  • Brands find it more difficult to capture attention as compared to individuals. So, your employees share content about your brand to bolster your reach.
  • Since people are hungry for recognition, it pays off in knowing your top performers. Some of the biggest brands around the globe are investing heavily into their social media presence. Many of these brands invest in a string of employee advocacy directives and programs.

Influence and reach

It’s a very simple math here. When you combine your employees’ reach, it can topple your brand’s reach. It can touch all the platforms you’re in. While you concentrate on getting followers from Gramista and spend time on Twitter and Facebook, you need to know that your employees might already be there.

The list includes Tumblr and Reddit as well. While most people generally frown upon the dilution of online presence in this manner, you can surely use your employees on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform to increase reach and boost business growth. It’s all about expansion and you don’t need to compromise on your current social strategy.

  • In addition to this, with more brands and people flocking to social media every day, IG and FB will always favor a groups’ reach over your individual or Page’s reach.
  • Coming to the content of influence, you don’t have to gamify it through an advanced algorithm or numeric. Influence provides reach, reliability, faith and authenticity.
  • It’s also crucial to set clear rules and guidelines. The main pillars are brand support, share-worthy content, and adding value to your brand.
  • If your content doesn’t carry these pillars or don’t feature a proper balance between each, your employees will never share your stuff.

Following employee advocacy

For Instagram users, you can create a hashtag for promoting a particular employee advocacy campaign. Next, make a leaderboard to showcase the number of engagement or impressions coming to your hashtag, and who’s drawing the maximum numbers.

  • As a brand, you can award the leader/winner, or organize a competition for your team members/followers, who create such posts.
  • Advocacy can also be very easy. You can give your employees something fun and fascinating to share. You can announce a new product, or display an item that your followers are always looking for.
  • You can also garner some accolades with an awesome. Video content is dominating social media right now, and IG is the pioneer of this trend.
  • You don’t need choke or confine their creativity to a certain parameter. Just encourage them to create and share things that are in sync with your brand’s growth or image-building.
  • For example, animal food brands have a swansong on social media, with cat and puppy videos fetching millions of likes and shares within a few moments.
  • Another idea is to express love and respect for your own brand. That showcases loyalty and good faith, which drives great engagement.
  • Advocacy programs are great as they are in compliance with your brand’s main business objectives.

Propelling employee advocacy on your channel

It all starts by purchasing from the top leadership. You can galvanize your department units and executives for bolstering your employee advocacy directives. That’s a critical part.

  • Activation of employee brand influencers and ambassadors is important. Everyone knows that social media is embedded to our daily lives. When you form a core committee of brand ambassadors from your employee base, you know where to go.
  • You just need to do some research to know which employees are active on social media and share your brand’s content. You can compile that list to make them a more prominent and integral part of your social media strategy.
  • Needless to say, brand ambassadors will derive more esteem in promoting your brand and spreading your content.
  • Participation should be fun and very easy. Drafting pre-written business and social messages is the first step.
  • All they will do is copy-paste the same and post it. That’s as easy as a breeze.
  • Your employees should have enough clarity while sharing your content. The guidelines must be clear.

Optimizing the concept

According to current statistics, more than 2.90 billion people are on social media platforms around the globe. Despite being technologically-savvy, it remains challenging for brands to propel their employees or affiliates to engage with their posts.

  • The biggest benefit of employee advocacy is wider social presence and reach. As your employees amplify your content, it grows and spreads.
  • In the era of algorithms and ad blockers, this is a revelation. Building a legion of content brand ambassadors and advocates under the leadership of your trusted employees can pitchfork your reach and business, regardless of your social media presence’s size.
  • Another crucial aspect is humanization of your brand, which happens through employee sharing.
  • The sub-heads are employee empowerment, lead generation and recruiting.

Focusing on target

Nothing unites your employees and consumers as much as philanthropy. You need to know that millennials swear on charity. Over 67% of them volunteer locally and more than 60% attend fundraisers.

As a brand working on its online presence, encourage your staff to come together for a noble cause. It will bolster your employee advocacy field, drawing massive traction from customers and followers on FB, IG, YouTube or Twitter.

Target staff share their work with a specific social hashtag. It’s a wonderful way to showcase your brand culture, unite workers, and highlight your corporate social responsibility endeavors.

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