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How to Build a Brand Strategy in Business-to-Business Markets ?

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Your brand name & reputation could be the only factors preventing your B2B clientele from leaving you.

In another scenario, when your brand is not strong enough, it could be the only factor driving them to look at other options.

This may not be frightening enough to you because you believe that B2B Branding isn’t important or is a useless expense. Isn’t it?

Recently, Gallup found that 71% of B2B customers are actively considering taking their business to a different company.

Why? Because your relationships, value, pricing, and other terms may not be enough and if they are, then they are making you sink or just survive somehow.

In the case of B2C brands, 83% of the customers are happy with their B2C companies.

B2B companies sometimes make unrealistic promises to their clients to get the deal. This sets the expectations bar high right from the start. And with time problems begin to compound as almost all clients try to bargain or renegotiate their B2B contracts.

And no matter how hard you try, only about half of the B2B customers believe that their vendors are delivering on their promises or feel proud of them.

Hence, the room for growth is exponential, and B2B companies that fail to create a robust Brand Strategy and Marketing, sell ineffectively today and neglect their future. You may contact us if you are feeling or noticing some indications that your important clients are planning to go elsewhere and need help with Brand Strategy and Marketing, Brand Differentiation, Brand Positioning, Strategic Creativity for your Brand.

Because whether you like it or not, your potential clients are doing extensive research on your brand before making a choice.

In B2B Marketing, the traditional brand elements like name recognition and being “top of mind” doesn’t mean much unless the brand is “in the heart” too. And for this, exceptional Brand Positioning and Strategic Creativity for your Brand is required.

And it becomes complicated because B2B Marketing mediums and touch points are limited. So, create a maximum impact through strategic thinking and world-class strategic creativity in all your marketing & delivery efforts.

What are the key elements of a perfect B2B Brand Strategy and Marketing or B2B Branding?

Uniqueness or Differentiation:

We know it is not easy but what makes you different from similar B2B brands? Why should a customer choose your product or service versus those of a competitor? Brand Positioning & Differentiation is the factor that determines the value assigned to your brand. If your product is properly differentiated, you can charge more. So, how can you create a differentiated & unique position for your B2B brand in the minds and hearts of B2B clients and do targeted marketing? We know it is very difficult and you may need our years of expertise to rescue you.

Customer Knowledge:

One of the most important things your B2B branding & marketing can communicate is that your brand understands and responds to customer needs. This becomes more important in the case of B2B branding & marketing, where the vendor/customer relationship is often more of a partnership than a simple transactional relationship with high monetary value.

Passion and Purpose:

You may not have realized this single most important factor that ‘why you do what you do’ is more important to your clients and internal customers than anything else that you communicate to them. Too many companies communicate what they do and how they do it, but the most successful brands strategically communicate their “why.”

Culture and Personality:

Your company’s culture guides customer relationships. It determines how your employees interact with customers and also determines the “personality” your brand conveys. If your culture emphasizes care for your customers and sharing values along with a commitment to solving their problems and continuously improving your products or services, perceptions & connections in the minds & the hearts of your clientele become rock strong & personal. This pays off both in terms of short term money and long term relationship & advocacy. Research shows that companies with a strong culture and engaged workforce outperform their competition by 147%. As a branding agency, we also help our clients in the implementation of our Brand Strategies at the ground level.

Consistency and Quality:

Especially in B2B Brand Strategy and Marketing where large purchase decisions are on the line, brand consistency in the buying experience and its usage are important to B2B customers. When your brand is consistent, how you communicate about that brand echoes across all your channels, materials, and conversations as well as in the customer’s experience of using the product. In the age of social media, this means every employee has the ability to impact your brand—and so does every customer.

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