Buying Guide to Used Turf Equipment Form Online Stores

The 30-hectare area covered by turf in a golf course requires a complete fleet of equipment. for adequate maintenance. It’s not like rolling a mower over the grass every week and the job is finished. Alone for mowing different areas of turf, you need 2 or 3 different mowers. Apart from that, we also need many other equipment for the maintenance of a golf course. We need some of them in brand new conditions whereas others can serve the purpose even if they are pre-owned. We are talking about used turf equipment because their new models are very expensive. If you think smartly, thousands of bucks can be saved by investing in the right manner. Some equipment is expensive and necessary but we need them occasionally. We can purchase them from a pre-owned equipment Store. Here is a list you need to consider.

List of Used Turf Equipment You Can Buy

1)   Bunker Rakes

Bunker traps are the most important hazards in every golf course filled with sand. This sand must be brittle enough to create difficulty for hitting. However, conditions like rain and irrigation set the sand harder overtime. In order to make it brittle again, we need bunker rakes. It is a small vehicle like a quad bike equipped with a raking plow. you don’t have to utilize it for heavy-duty tasks. Raking send requires less time and power. That is why, used equipment can also serve the purpose easily.

2)   Aerators and dethatchers

Aeration is one of the most important parts of turf maintenance. We need to provide adequate oxygen to the roots of the turf. It is only possible by punching holes in the soil. The aerator extension has coring tines to puncture holes and take soil out. in these holes, sand is filled which is lighter and allows yeh to pass through easily. Aeration is an occasional task and its machinery is also used rarely. Therefore, buying it from the used equipment section is not a bad decision.

3)   Sprinklers

For irrigating a large land space like a golf course, we need a powerful sprinkler equipped on the vehicle. The golf course sprinklers have a powerful motor and a water tank to cover the maximum possible area in the minimum period of time. They are not meant for heavy-duty tasks. If the engine is working fine, there is no harm in buying it from used turf equipment for sale.

4)   Utility vehicles

We need utility vehicles in a golf course because it occupies around 70 hectares of land. For navigating in such a widely spread landmass, a utility vehicle is necessary. It is also used for transporting small equipment from one place to another.

Why are new mowers recommended?

The turfgrass grows continuously and we need to trim them on a regular basis. Mowers are among the most intensively used equipment in a golf course. Due to their continuous depreciation, the internal parts are worn out. Also, the extension blades need to be repaired and replaced on a regular basis. Therefore, it would be better if you invest in a new reel or rotary mower rather than going with an old one.

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