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Can Light Therapy Improve Your Ocular Health?

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Red light exposure is healthy for the body. It can protect the eyes and enhance healing conditions for eye injury and inflammation sufferers. While the FDA has yet to approve Red Light Therapy devices for eye treatments, there is a robust clinical evidence base behind it as a natural option for helping with macular degeneration, glaucoma, and eye injuries.

This post seeks to break down the clinical literature on red light therapy and eye safety, concentrating on treating age-related macular degeneration problems, glaucoma, eye injury, and other eye damage.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy uses small red light waves that, without discomfort, come under the skin to positively affect various nervous systems. This is also having a positive effect on our body’s physiological processes.

This type of laser therapy has been used for years, so we will frequently see them in patients’ chambers. It is important to remember that many individuals spend up to five hundred dollars a session to different organizations focused on anti-aging.

This sort of therapy was considered to be too costly for an adult to purchase. But, with the technical advancements, we can comfortably afford inexpensive LED Red Lights.

How Does It Work?

The post provides a thorough description of his works if you are not familiar with red light therapy. Quality red light therapy devices give your skin and cells safe, concentrated wavelengths of natural light, decreasing oxidative stress and stimulating the production of cellular energy.

More on the science behind red light therapy can be found on this page. This makes the body control itself more efficiently, resulting in the other effects of red light therapy for the skin.

Heal from Ocular Implants

This is normal for a person to undergo an eye implant, or artificial eye, for medical situations involving the loss of an eye due to disease or accident. Those treated with Red Light Therapy sessions got cured up to 10 days faster than those treated with standard drugs in one controlled clinical trial of people who had undergone ocular prosthesis surgery. Researchers found that red light facilitated healing and decreased inflammation in a detailed analysis performed on rabbits.

Counteract Age-Related Vision Loss

We have learned much more about the possibilities of the eye and vision red light treatments in recent years. After following thirty-three patients for five years, a revealing longer-term study published conclusions. Participants averaged sixty-seven years, and results were monitored for five years.

Reduce Inflammation

Ocular inflammation, familiar to any injury or stress, increases oxidative stress and decreases ATP energy production, eventually leading to loss of vision. Clinical data show that red light therapy reduces eye inflammation.

Hundreds of other peer-reviewed research have reported how the therapies of red light alleviate inflammation in the body. You will learn more about the treatment of red light here as a normal anti-inflammatory.

Get ATP Energy

Every cell continuously generates ATP energy to fuel your body. ATP is crucial to the durability and sustainability of cells. The stakes are particularly high for the ocular cells responsible for your vision. Different experiments indicate that red light therapy improves the production of ATP in the brain.

Increased ATP energy production and reduced inflammation is an impactful combination for eye health and vision, preventing the gradual fading of cells and function, which leads to vision loss as you age.

Shield the Cornea

Corneal cells, the ones involved with keeping the cornea transparent so that light can enter, are particularly at risk from this buildup of pressure.

Research showed that therapies of red light absorbed by patients’ eyes decreased this damage to corneal cells and encouraged their growth, improving the chances of survival of the cells, and protecting against glaucoma-related loss of vision.

Preserve the Retina

A trial that analyzed the retinal cells reported similar results. It is your retina that creates your visual perception and sends messages to the brain.

Without the excellent cellular function, we will not be able to physically make sense of our environment. Researchers also have shown that red light therapy helps support retinal cells when affected by ocular pressure in laboratory models of mammal vision.

Recover from Eye Injuries

Our eyes are sensitive, and even small artifacts and injuries can inflict vision eroding permanent harm. Red light treatment has been shown to help treat other types of eye problems, including

Fifty rabbits with corneal burns were examined in a study and found that those treated with near-infrared light at 810 nm had reduced inflammation and lower repair cells.

Corneal Foreign Bodies are foreign objects, like a tiny piece of wood, plastic, stone, or sand on or in the cornea. A review of 40 patients with international corneal body disorders showed that red light treatment significantly reduced the recovery time by 42 percent.

The curing effects of red light have also been well reported on many forms of burns and wounds.

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