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Causation Evidence Challenge In Construction Productivity Claims

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The construction industry is an amalgamation of various sectors. It is evident from the fact that from material suppliers to engineering professionals, everyone is involved in the process of building.  Therefore, the probability of disputes is relatively higher in construction.

The most critical claims are productivity, as the provision of causation evidence is significantly challenging for the involved parties. The people involved in the construction sector should stay aware of such critical aspects to avoid unnecessary delays and issues in the projects.

No matter if you are new to productivity claims or already facing the troubles of proving causation, the article is going to help you get detailed insights into critical barriers and claim to resolve tips. So, stay on the page and keep reading!

What Are Construction Productivity Claims?

The claims of construction productivity are related to the argument of the contractors regarding the impact of the actions or inactions of any contracting party on the project.  The ratio of such claims is considerably higher in countries like UAE because construction is a significant industry over there.

It is imperative to understand that productivity is an intangible thing that cannot be measured using quantity. Therefore, the contactors need to acquire construction claims consultants services for resolving the issues. The experts must evaluate the circumstances to understand critical factors.

Nevertheless, the process of obtaining information regarding the critical factors of dispute needs vital assessment. The insights from the evaluation are called causation. It referred to the reasons behind the actions or inactions that resulted in productivity issues.

Challenges To Prove Causation In Productivity Claims

There is no denying claims are the critical barriers in the way of successful project completion.  The experts should resolve the problems by providing proper evidence in their defense. But, it is easy said than done as the contracting parties face various challenges in proving causation in the productivity claims.

Let’s consider a few of such critical hurdles in collecting and presenting evidence while dealing with the complexity of the issues:

Separation Of Owner And Contractor Caused An Impact

Collaboration has some benefits as well as risks. One of the most evident challenges in construction projects is the difficulty of separating the effects of owners and contractors in the project. While getting into the claims, the plaintiff should consider the potential impact that caused the opponent to delay the project. Additionally, the plaintiff should consider the scope of the effects of a party on the project.

However, identification of an individual’s impact and the potential scope is not a piece of cake. So, be careful while you are working on impact identification!

Demonstration Of Loss In Productivity

Another grave challenge in the way of causation evidence provision is that loss is difficult to be identified in construction. The qualitative data is required to be transformed into quantitative information for evaluation.  For this purpose, quantum experts are hired to collect the evidence and evaluate the contributions of every stakeholder in delaying or disrupting the projects.

The best way to deal with this problem is the causal maps and structural diagrams used to evaluate the productivity and the role of influencers. Another thing that helps the construction professionals in dealing with the challenges of causation evidence provision is comprehensive documentation.

Evaluation Of Unforeseen Incidents

Mainly, both external and internal factors influence the project completion in the construction industry. While estimating the human impact, the conflicting parties should not ignore the adverse effect of environmental factors.

However, it is difficult to collect the actual impact of external factors, including natural calamities. The primary reason is that contemporary events can cause havoc without even the realization. So, keeping an eye on the working patterns of the labor and estimation of the environmental factors can help deal with the productivity claims.

Takeaways: Get Assistance From Claim Witness Experts

Summing up, productivity claims are critical to understand and resolve. However, proper evidence collection and defense can help ease the matter to complete the project successfully. While the project work plan is not solely responsible for productivity loss, other contributing factors should be estimated for dispute resolutions.

So, getting help from the professional construction claims consultants Dubai can help you in identifying root causes. Don’t forget to figure out the potential human and non-human impact on productivity.

Remember! Low productivity issues occur owing to careless scheduling and lack of proper check on the labor – Prevention is the best way to deal with the problems. But, if you have to face it. So, make sure you know the challenges in detail for proving causation effectively for a successful claim resolution.

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