College Fashion Trends Fall/Winter 2020

When you are in your 20s, you strive to wear fashionable clothes to look posh and attractive. However, it often happens that fashion trends are not suitable for everyone, especially when you are a college student. A new academic year is within reach, and it means that young fashionistas are ready to create a new wardrobe, choosing the best fashion trends of the upcoming seasons. Every year the fashion changes, but a person’s style can remain unchanged, and it allows them to create unique images, considering the latest trends and an individual approach to details. Fashion trends of the upcoming seasons will combine both comfort and practicality, as well as an effective presentation of things in a certain style.

1. Houndstooth

You will not do without houndstooth in the upcoming seasons. This pattern is considered an old-school one, but this year it has got a second life and a full transformation. You will be able to get clothes in a classic black and white combination as well as other fall colors. The houndstooth clothes of high-quality will help you create stylish looks.

2. Wrap Coat

It will help any girl look like a real fashionista and draw everyone’s attention. The main thing is to choose natural fabrics that will look gorgeous and be suitable for a fall/winter period, for example, wool. Often college students need not only paper writing helper but also outerwear that will help them diversify their formal style or make a monochromatic outfit look more interesting. A wrap coat will cope with this task just perfectly. And an oversized tote bag can become a perfect accessory.

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3. Oversized Knits

Oversized knits have won the hearts of fashionistas around the world, so they continue to keep their position and not going to disappear that easily. Even the most famous catwalks are full of different variations. Thus, you can put your oversized knit cardigan that you bought last season and stay in trends. If you are going to buy a new piece of clothes, make sure to choose natural fabrics to look posh. And it is worth remembering about essay buying online if you plan to go shopping and hang out with friends instead of studying. The wardrobe of a modern woman should be full of comfortable and practical things that she can put on for any occasion. She can wear oversized knits in tandem with jeans, leather, and schoolgirl skirts, and even shorts.

4. Trench Coat

It seems it will never leave the list of fashion trends. However, it has undergone great changes this year, so you will be able to purchase it in numerous colors and textures. Its classic version still has the right to life, and many girls adore it for its incredible qualities like water-resistance, versatility, and comfort. However, the upcoming college fashion trends have changed its main destiny and turned it into a casual and just cool piece of clothing. This fall, you will get a chance to create amazing combinations, pairing it with sneakers, sweatshirts, or even heavy boots.

5. Schoolgirl Skirt

Women in their 30s still remember how much a schoolgirl skirt was popular back in days. And this year, college students get a chance to try on this legendary image even though it will be represented in a new stylistic appearance. Thus, nobody will say that you have put on your elder sister’s skirt. It will be a bit longer and have different patterns. You can combine it with a blouse with ribbons or oversized sleeves, and don’t forget to complete the image with a clear bag.

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6. Oversized Sleeves

At first glance, outfits with oversized sleeves look pretentious since it is one of the elements of high fashion. However, this year, designers have decided to make it one of the fashion trends for ordinary people. Thus, you can choose sweaters and blouses with oversized and lavish sleeves to make your outfit look bold and trendy. It is not a problem to find clothes with such sleeves since even mass-market brands have represented huge collections.

7. Winter Whites

If you like total looks and monochrome outfits, this winter can become your finest hour. Total white will be one of the main fashion trends, just choose oversized sweaters or sweatshirts and combine them with other trendy garments. Thus, you can mix the most suitable fashion trends of the upcoming season to get the best result possible.

8. Denim

Undoubtedly, denim clothing is universal and practical. This upcoming season, you will be able to put on fashionable wide jeans, skirts, and midi-length dresses as well as stylish oversized denim jackets. Besides, it is not necessary to wear denim in classic blue since gray, burgundy, green, red, yellow shades will be represented in autumn-winter collections. However, even if you put on total denim, your look will be successful and trendy as well.

9. Leather

Leather clothes, which will become trendy in the fall-winter season, look spectacular, shocking, stylish. You can choose clothes made of matte or patent leather, for example, skirts of a simple or an asymmetric cut, leather jackets, wide and slim-fitted trousers. And of course, such fashionable women’s trends as leather raincoats and trench coats will be perfect for the autumn season as well. Leather items can be worn with other textures, for example, velvet, knitwear, tweed, etc.

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