Common Physiotherapy Techniques for Pain Treatment

Common Physiotherapy Techniques for Pain Treatment and  Physiotherapy is one of the widely known health professions that are used to treat different types of health-related ailments. It includes chronic pains in joints, soft tissue injury in muscles and tendons, and various other physical problems.

Physiotherapy is used to survey the functions of the body with the help of diagnosis, physical intervention, and provides the best solution that stabilizes the condition.Common Physiotherapy Techniques for Pain Treatment Is what we will be showing you in this article.

There are different types of physiotherapy techniques that are used in various situations. The article features some of the standard methods for pain treatments.

Soft Tissue Injury Treatment

The main purpose of the physiotherapy in acute or soft tissue injuries is to assist in reducing the inflammation and fastening the recovery process quickly. It also helps in avoiding some common complications in this phase, such as joint stiffness and muscle tightness. It also helps to prevent any chances of re-injury.

Some of the local modalities involved in the process include ice, heat, magnetic field therapy, and laser treatment. These local modalities are used to help in pain reduction and natural healing response. It generally has short-term benefits that can be implanted along with longer-lasting techniques such as exercise prescription.

Proprioception and Balance Exercises


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It is a process that helps you to know where your body part is in space. Proprioception and balance exercise gives you a precise idea of your body to control the position of a defective or an injured joint. One of the common examples of balance exercises is the use of a balance board after an ankle sprain.

It helps re-educate your body and quickly react to the shaky movements without the need of thinking about these movements. As a result, it improves proprioception feedbacks that is send by the brain to contract or relax your muscles. A regular practice will eventually mean proprioception perfection.   

Gait Analysis

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Gait analysis can be defined as the assessment of your walking pattern. A small injury leading to mild pain, weakness, or muscle stiffness is enough to change the way you walk or run. As a result, you end up compromising the way you move, and your body adapts to the new conditions quickly, which might not be a useful technique in the long run.

There are different types of gait problems, depending on the injury or illness. It includes back pain, inability to pull your toes (foot drop), and many others. Gait analysis can be done in many different ways by a physiotherapist.

An experienced physio Campbell Town can easily detect gait abnormalities just by observing the walking or running patterns. Video gait analysis and force plate computer analysis are some of the precise techniques to assess your situation. 


It is a physiotherapy technique that is used to assist in pain reduction and natural healing. It includes the application of sound, light, magnetic, temperature, and electrical energy.

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Just like soft tissue injury treatment, it only has short-term benefits that are helpful if used, along with longer-lasting techniques such as exercise. Although many patients will feel immediate relief from electrotherapy, it allows you to continue moving comfortably until the cause is fixed. 

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping is the application of a cotton-based elastic tape. It works best in a wide variety of injuries and inflammatory conditions. The fact that it is same as the color of human skin, it can easily be worn without the need for binding and restraining the movement. 

Not only it provides pain-free movements, but it also helps in determining which muscles or joints need attention and additional control.   

Real-Time Ultrasound Therapy

Real-Time Ultrasound Therapy is one of the best physiotherapy techniques that give you an insight into how different layers of your muscles contract and relax. The best part of using this technique is it allows you to look at the muscle contractions, size, and interaction with other muscles and fatty tissues. It works great in detecting any muscle ailment and helps in its retraining. 

One of the conditions that can be assisted by real-time ultrasound therapy includes Sciatica, Pregnancy Back Pain, Pelvic Instability, Hip Pain, shoulder pain (rotator cuff), and many more.  

Brace or Support

A brace or support works best for relieving the pain or resting the injured tissues by taking some of the stressful loads and distributing them to other parts. As a result, it protects the damaged structures from further injury.

A brace is constructed using different fabrics and alloy components. It can be used in combination with a supporting tape or a strap.

Joint Mobilization Techniques

Joint pain and stiffness can occur either in isolation or simultaneously, which leads to chronic pain. The fact that your joints are designed in a way to move in all directions, if you sit in a position with straight or folded legs, you might feel a state of joint stiffness.

Some of the common joint mobilisation techniques include Kaltenborn techniques, McKenzie exercises Traction/Distraction techniques and a lot more.   


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Apart from the list of standard physiotherapy techniques mentioned in the article, there are many other methods. It includes biomechanical analysis, early injury treatment, rehabilitation, and a lot more. It depends on the nature of the physical ailment and its severity.   

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