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15 Best Craigslist Alternative to Buy or Sell Stuffs Online

Are you searching for comparable websites like craigslist to purchase or promote issues on-line? we’ve many selections to promote on-line, like fb market, promote on eBay due to dropshipper. Nevertheless, are you aware how one can promote on Craigslist? It’s a classifieds website which you’ll seek for no matter.

Craigslist site offers you the opportunity to sell and buy literally anything you can imagine off. Started by the “nerd’’ Craig Newmark in 1995. Craigslist has become one of the most reliable and efficient online websites to conduct business.

 Craigslist Alternative

From selling cars, houses, finding hookups, posting crazy classified ads to even getting into anonymous online feuds with your neighbors Craigslist supports it all. The list is long and we can go on and on…

Though Craigslist is one of the biggest and famously known classified site out there, it isn’t the only site of its kind. When Craigslist pulled down its personal section immediately after the” Allow states and victims to fight online Sex Trafficking Act Bill” was passed by the US Senate in 2018. Many users started looking for other websites that can replace Craigslist.

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Alternatively, some people are just looking for Craigslist substitutes because the platform is simply not their jam. So, what are some of the existing alternatives for Craigslist?

15 Best Craigslist Alternative to Buy or Sell Stuffs Online

Here are the best Craigslist Alternative to Buy or Sell Used Stuffs listed just for you to surf and feel to judge them according to your convenience.

1. Bookoo

Bookoo is the friendly-neighborhood site. Going with 2,355,912 members currently, still, bookoo is holding high spreading across the world. It has locations across all major cities especially on military bases, so making easier for military members to buy and sell stuff who are always on the move.

To give a touch of personal space, bookoo allows you to make you own personal short bio and add some listing you have sold or bought in the past. It has live chat support and a social media feel that is family-friendly.

2. Facebook

Many of us may find Facebook to be just a fun site liking, sharing and uploading latest profile pictures. Only a handful of people are really aware of the trading-business available on this site. Only a few people may (not) be having a Facebook account in this age. So advertising your stuff is not a problem. If you are having a hard time selling your item, list it on Facebook.

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Nearly a million people will go through your stuff in the first few hours! So, chances of your items being sold are high. Type your city and online yard sale into the search bar and find your local selling groups. (Mind the search you type in because the search will generate you the regular posts and other news feed. So, be specific with your search criteria.)

You can also click on the ‘buy and sell group’ in the explore menu or marketplace tab on the left sidebar. The local group may be having some trading rules, some being more strict than others. For example, similar to Craigslist, you can’t trade firearms. And yes, buying and selling is free on Facebook.

3. Oodle

Oodle is the number one in our list of sites like craigslist. Oodle is among the number one craigslist competitors. This free site increased with approximately 1.8 million consumers. Just like Craigslist, Oodle is a categorized ad website for list services. By utilizing the ability of social media, Oodle is among the online free classified sites like craigslist.

It supplies clients with a friendly marketplace where they can buy, trade and sell. A few of the categories they offer include; Merchandise, vehicles, rentals & real property, jobs, pets, stores, services etc.

4. Geebo

Geebo is a good choice if you live in any of the major cities like L.A or Chicago or mid-major cities like Virginia Beach, Tulsa, or Cincinnati. Geebo helps in trading heavy merchandise, equipment, real estate, services in 160 communities.

To stand different from other classified Craigslist alternatives, Geebo offers ‘SafeTrade’ transaction service, that is when the buyer and the seller both agree to meet at a local police station. This can be a better Craigslist alternative if you are not comfortable meeting with some stranger at any ordinary public place.

5. eBay

EBay is a great craigslist alternatives and also the ideal platform for anybody looking to sell and buy items. It’s super easy to record products on eBay.

If you would like to sell something on eBay, only enter the type of the item that you want to market, eBay will supply you a listing of items which resemble yours allows you to specify the requirements of your item and in the end, the platform will send you pricing recommendations.

1 significant problem associated with eBay is that they do cost listing and selling fees. These fees can cut deep into your earnings as you are selling. Although, you could always raise your selling price to cover the listing and selling fees.

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6. Letgo

Letgo is most probably the most popular and best craigslist alternative. The site allows you to search for certain key phrases or general classes such as cars and fashion, making it much simpler to use just like craigslist.

Letgo is considered more stable than Craigslist. What’s this? Well to be able to make a Letgo profile that you will need to first verify your Google or even Facebook account. The stage is quite straightforward and effective, allowing sellers to acquire more detailed information. As an instance, you can post videos and pictures of items you need to sell.

Letgo program enables you to communicate or interact with potential buyers or vendors. This way there is not any demand for posting your own email address or amount. This unique feature helps a few buyers to feel much more comfortable when conducting transactions with strangers.

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7. Locanto

Locanto is spread across 60 countries worldwide. If you are a little observant, you may find a Locanto board while passing by. Global retailers also use this site for paid ads, so not all listings are local. You have the best chances in places like L.A.,Miami, or New York.

These cities are featured in Locanto boards. You need to pay a certain amount to avail of some features of Locanto, for example, you pay for listing your product at the top of the search result of a frequent buyer, or pay extra to the extent of your ad to other cities. You can also remove third-party ads from your listings. Posting on a city board chosen by Locanto is usually free of cost.

8. Classifies Ads

With this free website, you may literally buy and sell almost anything. Classified was made for record classified ads for regular products. Classified ads is also among the best sites like craigslist.

Get this, and they are not as strict in their own policies which makes their website pretty enjoyable to use.

The same as many Craigslist alternatives, then you will have success with their site if you are living in a huge city. But they do have boards for the considerably smaller area across every nation.

9. Gumtree

For those men looking for alternative websites like Craigslist UK, we have you covered. Gumtree is among the best buy and sell websites like craigslist. Gumtree is a specific website for UK vendors who would love to begin selling and listing their things. It has also been applied by sellers and buyers in the USA, Australia and also South Africa.

10. Offerup

Offerup is comparatively small when compared to Craigslist. Lately it’s become more popular with approximately 23 million cellular app downloads. The mobile app has rapidly risen up through ranks to become the most dependable promotion platform.

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Offerup enables its sellers and visitors to broadcast their own listing on Facebook. Both the vendors and buyers receive ratings. The ratings make the sale process more comfortable and more procured, keeping scammers to some minimum. Offerup is now among the great alternatives to Craigslist.

11. Swappa

Swappa deals with all kinds of electronics. Cellphones, video games, watches, tablets and other electronic home equipments like home assistant, streaming devices and thermostats.

Sellers do not need to pay any fee trading, but buyers needs to pay a small convenience fee as the site helps the buyers in smooth connection and transactions. The fee is also refundable if the customer is not satisfied with the product.

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12. Recycler

Once started as a local classified newspaper in southern California, now recycler is a global online marketplace, handling 18 million users daily, especially for anyone living in large U.S cities.

You can buy or sell anything Craigslist offered, starting from pets, houses on rent, or any other product. You can post your listings on Facebook for more exposure and use paid ads to target specific buyers or marketplace.

13. PennySaver USA

You might have noticed ‘PennySaver’ newspaper free of cost at any local newspaper stand. Well, now the have shifted online. Enter your zip code and surf through local listings. You can apply for paid ads as well which is similar to the classified section present in any newspaper. And don’t worry, they still publish PennySaver newspapers.

14. USA Today

Yes, the favorite newspaper “USA Today” has an online classified ads website, do not be surprised! that was why we listed it in list of sites like craigslist.

It is one of the greatest choices to employ Craigslist, it’s well kept and perfectly organized. They have all in each of the following classes: Auctions, Automotive, Business, careers, education, marketplace, finds, sports and recreation and a whole lot more.

15. Mercari

This is another mobile selling app where the products being sold are shipped rather than meeting people to provide the goods. Mercari is just a site like craigslist.

List of goods with Mercari is rather easy, you only need to have a picture of the item you need to sell, list it and then specify a cost. But there’s a catch, Mercari charges 10 percent of anything you market on their own platform.

Final Note

That’s all on this subject. Hope this article proves useful to you. Thank you for reading!



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