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How to create popular content on your blog – Writing Guide.

As your mind swirls around with so many questions you might want to know how to create popular content for your blog. Use ideas to brainstorm and think of what you can do to add answers to spreadsheets. There are several headline formulas you can make use of to craft compelling headlines.

But I think one of the best ways to do this is by finding out what content is already popular on your site.

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Begin With A Content Audit Of The Blog.

The best content is one that has already proven to bring a lot of traffic to your site. Begin by checking the analytics to see a list of the most popular content and create content upgrades around that.
Do check the analytics section on your site and note the categories of the most popular posts on the blog. You can always use headline generators and plug these topic ideas on to them to get more ideas you can use.

Understand What Your Competitors Are Doing

You don’t need to be afraid of competitors. They can help you improve and meet up with what the audience need, Also the competitors should work for you instead of against you. One big tool to gain competitive insight is by using BuzzSumo. Add the competitor site on Buzzsumo to get a list of ideas on the most popular blog posts of the competitors.

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create popular content

Make it better and the readers will flock to you.

Understand pain points of target audience

In addition to this target the audience with their pain points. Don’t neglect this step. If you want to tell an amazing compelling story, this is important.

Tie a story inside relevant content to make yourselves known for the authority you are.
Ignore others who advise against this.
There are several resources that can help.

  • Go through Blog comments
  • Go through Quora
  • Go through forums around topics
  • Amazon book reviews
  • Browse through Facebook groups
  • Twitter search

Find out all the questions people ask. Find out all objections people raise. Find out what they need most help with.

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Delete unnecessary content

When you write a blogpost there are always several words, sentences and phrases you don’t need.
Writing a blog post is creating art. There are several ideas and thoughts that you poured. Its time to delete and carve away some of those ideas.

  • Here’s how to conduct quality research first.
    ⦁ The idea is simple. Generate blog topics for research. Don’t focus on one idea. Focus on the content. As you gather more research, jot down all ideas that come to mind. Read the input and write down what you glean. You can also repurpose ideas as webinars.
  • The goal? Creating data driven valuable posts.

Do your research and let the ideas sit there for sometime. You don’t want anything raw. You want good ideas that are refined by determining the direction of the post, bringing clarity.

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