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CSSIgniter Offers Beautiful Themes and Fantastic Value

Founded in 2009 in Greece, CSSIgniter is one of the best WordPress theme and plugin companies today. It has a WordPress theme club offering more than 75-plus premium themes to its members. Their themes are available on an individual basis as well as the ability to access more options after joining a club to access their latest themes and all new items added during their membership term.

CSSIgniter is now one of the most popular and trusted WordPress theme shops through its consistent development of elegant high-quality themes and affordable pricing. There are more than 75+ beautiful WordPress themes and 50,000+ customers. The themes from CSSIgniter cover several tropics and no matter the project you want to undertake, there’s definitely something for it whether you want to build websites for business, blog, eCommerce store, news magazine, photography portfolios, hotel, mobile app and many more. To better understand what CSSIgniter offers, here are some of the great themes from their portfolio:

Coastline WordPress Theme

Coastline WordPress was designed for creative professionals and one of the latest releases from CSSIgniter. This theme uses the masonry grid layout along with infinite scroll, which makes it an ideal option for creating a great portfolio or showcasing high-quality images about your product or service.

Besides the impressive design, Coastline allows users to get access to CSSIgniter’s standard theme features, which include shortcode library, a wide range of color choices, and extensive customer support for inquiries and complaints.

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Uberto WordPress Theme

Uberto is a beautiful WordPress theme dedicated to blogging. It is based on the Bootstrap framework, which ensures its layout is fully responsive. Show off your content such as images, videos, text, and more with Uberto’s clean and minimal design.

Santorini Resort WordPress Theme

Do you want to showcase your hotel or resort in style? Santorini Resort WordPress theme from CSSIgniters is the perfect theme. Santorini Resort completely satisfies every need for creating this kind of website with its ability to display large, high-resolution images and other important content.

The theme’s design is truly complete and its responsive layout ensures that everyone on their mobile devices can book their stay. There are booking systems integrated with this theme, which makes reservations seamless easy. Santorini Resort theme even boasts a weather reporting widget and testimonial section for reviews from guests.

Mobilee WordPress Theme

Mobilee WordPress theme is built for promoting and showcasing mobile apps, although it can be adapted to other designs and other purposes. Its simple design makes it easy to showcase screenshots and mockup images of apps all neatly fitted into mobile device silhouette. The theme uses a slider that can display multiple screengrabs in one place on the site. If you plan on keeping things simple and quickly set up your site online to promote your mobile or some other product, Mobilee is one to consider.

CSSIgniter Theme Features

While each theme from CSSIgniter have features that they were specifically built for, among all these themes, there is a common set of features:

  • Custom widgets
  • Color scheme variations
  • Selection of post formats
  • Shortcodes library
  • Custom theme settings
  • Widgetized footer areas
  • Easily add custom CSS
  • Demo content and widget settings
  • Translation files that help in creating multilingual sites
  • Private forum support
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CSSIgniter is now one of the biggest names in the WordPress theme business and their large portfolio of premium themes cover a wide selection of uses and project purposes. The themes look elegant and their designs are well suited to all kinds of projects they were built for. If clean designs tailored for specific purposes is what you want, then the themes from CSSIgniter are just what you are looking for. These themes are not only usable for any number of sites, but they are an affordable and practical option.

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CSSIgniter is one of the best WordPress Theme providers today. Their themes are great for creating websites for all uses and niches.


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