Sunday, January 23, 2022 Review – Redefining Tokenised Securities Trading

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The constantly evolving nature of the financial markets has made it such that navigating through as an aspiring trader requires layers of experience and expertise. As such, the market has seen the emergence of several platforms seeking to provide a base for investors and traders to explore the offerings.

However, only a few of these platforms stand out with unique features and benefits. One such trading platform is the digital trading hub, This platform was developed as a response to the rising demands for a unified marketplace.

Today, it has fostered a reputation as a link between existing traditional market structures and emerging innovative markets. For this review, we explore the intricacies of this unique platform as well as highlight its benefits:

Currency.Com at a Glance
Minimum Initial Deposit$100 or €100, 0.01BTC
Leverage1:10 to 1:100
Assets CoverageCryptocurrencies, Tokenised Currency Pairs, Tokenised commodities, Tokenised Indices, Tokenised Shares and Government Bonds
Exchange Fee20BPS (2% of Value of Exchange)
Trading PlatformTabTrader, iPhone (iOS), Android Trader, Desktop Platform
Trading ToolsProfit level, Accumulation/distribution moving average Indicators, Fibonacci Retracement levels
Supported Payment MethodsWire Transfer, Card Transfer, Crypto transfer Bridging Gap between the Crypto and Traditional Financial Market

The inception of cryptocurrencies heralded a renewed interest in alternative investment options. However, their mainstream adoption remains seemingly impeded due to the regulatory oversight and limited environments of trade.

In response to these demands, was launched to create a regulated environment for the exchange and trade of these assets. has been in the business of bridging the gap between traditional financial market landscapes and the crypto world.

It presents a unique marketplace for diversities in trade to institutional and retail investors with roots in the financial products. Its platform includes several crypto assets and trading options for unrestricted access to its budding society. has its services tailored to achieve optimal satisfaction. As such, it bases the bulk of its services on democratizing finance and leveraging experience for profit maximization.

The highlight of this trading platform is its place as an anchor for Tokenized security trading. It enlists over 1300 Tokenise assets including Tokenise government bonds, indices, shares and stocks.

Today, has built its reputation as one of the world’s leading token exchange. It has over 37,000 mobile installs and with transactions of over $20 million underway. It levies the transparency posed to the world by Blockchain technology to improve security and safety on its platform.

Financial Product Offerings at

The platform extends options of maximizing profits from the world’s most liquid markets. provides a wide variety of financial products with Tokenised assets at the peak of its product offerings.

Tokenised assets are representative tokens that are pegged to the underlying prices of traditional financial assets such as commodities, bonds and shares. These assets provide institutional and retail investors with access to top markets and brands. represents the world’s first Tokenised assets exchange and provides a link between the crypto world and other existing established financial communities. Its offerings are tailored to accommodate clients’ diverse needs.

Its Tokenised assets allow interested clients to interact with financial instruments such as equities, commodities, derivatives, bonds and futures. Though aiming at listing 10,000 financial assets, currently has a portfolio of 1,300+ assets.

The Tokenised assets provide access to top brands such as Apple, Amazon; Indices and commodities like Brent crude, Gold and Silver. However, beyond this is a line up of crypto assets.

As mentioned above, seeks a way to advance mainstream crypto adoption. Not only does it offer a broad range of crypto assets, but the platform allows access to other assets listed directly through cryptocurrencies.

In summary, customers have the option to purchase assets o the platform either through fiat or cryptocurrencies. Hence, the need to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat before trading on a platform is negated.

On, you get access to 150+ smart tokens. Its offerings include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the most traded crypto assets. This asset class is mostly paired with the USD, EUR, BYN and RUB.

You can find their price movements and pairs listing on the platforms cryptocurrencies page. Other financial instrument on this Exchange’s listing includes over 130 Tokenise currency pairs, Tokenise commodities and government bonds.

The government bonds offered on is however limited to that of the Belarusian government. It is pegged with the USD.

Regulatory Environment and Trust is widely recognized as one of the best regulated crypto trading platforms. The exchange is authorized by the Belarusian Hi-Tech Park (HTP). It means that all transactions and activities are bound by the regulations for businesses operational through Blockchain technology.

The exchange is registered and operated in Belarus due to its support and regulated environment for cryptocurrencies. It is subject to the 8th decree on Digital Economy Development legislation of Belarus and the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

Trust on this platform is inspired by price aggregation as well as the seamless execution of the trade. Its employment of over 300 years of experience has established the broker as one of the best for trading.

With global crypto adoption in sight and due protection of clients’ interest, bases a part of its compliance on the regulatory framework by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commissions.

The exchange protects the clients’ interest by necessitating KYC compliance. This involves the provision of documents of identification by the client for registration. While the platform prioritises stability and security, it aims at total decentralisation in the near future.

It is a platform that upholds transparency in digital transactions. It harnesses the power of the Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) and saves the highest and lowest prices of all traded assets in the blockchain.

Trading platform

Technology and Security leans on the immutability of blockchain technology for its platform’s security and safety. While the bulk of its services are based on Cloud technology, it provides adequate protection to clients’ data and transaction through its LD4 data centre-located servers.

Its trading platform AI-powered and the platform harness this smart technology for provisional intuitive trading. The AI-enabled system inculcates behavioural analysis technology to detect and deal with trading biases, especially due to inexperience or oversight.

Its blockchain-enabled system allows seamless, scalable transactions or payments as well as data streaming. Its security system is defined by its KYC policies and compliance with the International PCU/DSS Payments System Standard.

Though it relegates a part of its fund security to clients, it takes on its part of security by enabling the use of hot and cold wallets. Its equipped cold wallet service is backed up by layers of encryption enabled by GPG/ PGP.

This cold wallet service requires that access be based on a multi-signature procedure and private keys. Users are, therefore, entreated to keep their private keys private while complying with the necessary regulations.

Its hot wallet service is tailored to process payments fast while involving easy transactional methods by providing a pathway for the effortless synchronization of cold wallet.

Payment Method is a platform that is aimed at globalization and unifying the financial market structures. As such, it inculcates variable means of payment to allow fluidity and flexibility in transactions.

As a Tokenised assets exchange, it provides adequate support for crypto payments. Payments such as deposits, withdrawals and charged transactional fees can be made through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

The exchange also accepts payments by Wire transfer and Card transfer from Visa and Mastercard. It also accepts payments by Paypal, Skrill, Apple Pay, Vandex Money and Neteller.

Trading Commissions and Fees Structure

Trading commissions on the platform is relatively low, albeit dependent on the transaction and the clients’ specification. Its fees structure includes charges on withdrawals, deposits and platform fees.

The fees charged are also dependent on the payment methods of choice. As a platform that inculcates transparency into its code of conduct, it presents clients with no hidden charges on their transactions. Its fees structures are tabled below:

Trading FeeCrypto taker fee: 0.075%
Crypto maker fee: -0.025%
Tokenise assets (Shares, ETFs, Indices, Commodities) : 0.0125%
Tokenise currencies: 0.002%
Exchange FeeCrypto taker fee: 0.2%
Tokenise assets (Shares, ETFs, Indices, Commodities): 0.05%
Tokenise currencies: 1% (2% on EUR/USD, USD/RUB, EUR/RUB)
Tokenise bonds: 0.03%
Companies tokens: 0%(buy), 1.5%(sell)
Funding FeeApplies to continuous leveraged trade and dependent on market rates and asset class of choice

It is important to note that the exchange fee charged on currency pairs vary. The GBP/USD pair, for instance, has a 5% charge levied on it while the EUR/GBP and GBP/RUB has 12% charges.

For deposits and withdrawals on crypto, the minimum deposit limit is 0.002 BTC, 0.1 ETH, 0.2 LTC or 0.05 BCH.

Pricing Model and Trading on

Transparency is a key feature on this broker. Pricing on it built on a transparent model and displayed in the ‘About’ Widget. While the bulk of the model is driven by the market dynamics such as demand and supply, this model is also based on the data of executable trades provided by Liquidity providers.

These providers include, LMAX Digital, NASDAQ, NYSE, Gain Capital, Kraken, Binance and Bitstamp. The prices are accumulated for the best prices to be picked up by the Exchange’s price engine. It allows them to provide the best spread for the clients.

Trading on involves the following steps:

  • Clients present crypto or fiat
  • Clients buy Cryptocurrencies or Tokenised Assets (Leverage Trading of up to 1:100 can be enabled)
  • Broker matches traders’ orders with other clients’ orders to hedge them through or other exchanges
  • Traders/ Clients sell Tokenise assets and make crypto or fiat-based withdrawals.

Leverage Trading and Margin Call

Leverage trading on is relatively flexible. Not all platforms provide their clients with up to 100x leverage for trade. Traders on the platform are open to leverage of up to 1:100.

Leverage trading is dependent on the asset chosen. For instance, trading crypto with leverage only allows 1:10. For Tokenise stocks, you can have up to 1:20. Tokenise commodities take up to 1:100.

On margins, trading avails clients the opportunity to extend their capital. This provides an avenue to maximize profits from open positions. To avoid negative balance due to the volatility of the market or other dynamics, a margin call is made to the client by the broker.

Customer Support System

Beyond an easy-to-use interface, this exchange opens to an informative trading platform. It has an excellent customer service system. Its system features a prompt response to queries and inquiries of the clients.

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It has a help centre opens to a FAQ section, and its homepage has a LiveChat feature that allows clients to interact easily with the system. It also features a multilingual system of interaction that works such that you can function on the platform in a language close to home.


Ultimately, the goal of every trader is to maximize profits in all possible ways. plays its part in this by providing means of partnership and education to clients. The broker has an affiliate and referral programme.

The Affiliate program ensures that 50% of commission on trade by the clients recommended by you is given to you for six months. You are also paid 10% sub-affiliate fee. Furthermore, clients recommended are entitled to 12% discount on trading commissions.

Through this partnership, you also get to benefit from the feature in-class tracking tools. These tools allow you to track how your content is performing through the dashboard of the programme.

The referral programme opens you to a two-way bonus. You get 50% on trading commissions and a 10% discount on trading commissions for referred clients.

Trading Platform is built to be adapted with web-based trading and is engineered for ease during use. The platform is built to present simplicity for easy navigation through. The trading platform is equipped with indicators and charts for trade.

On, you can trade on the go. it includes a mobile trading experience that features simplicity but is comprehensive enough to allow clients to enjoy flexibility in trading. It is an app with simple interface but is designed with several tools to enable feasibility of trade.

The mobile app is developed to be adapted with the iOS and Android OS system without limited functionalities.

Tokenised Bonds

Tokenised bonds on offers you access to a certain number of the Republic of Belarus Government bonds. It is represented as the Belarus 252 token on the trading platform and is paired with the USD.

It is easily accessible in the Exchange mode of the Tokenised Bond section, and clients have access to coupon rate payments semi-annually. The interest rates on these type bonds are up to 5% and payable with either fiat or the crypto equivalent.

Corporate bonds also fall under this category. The interest rates on this type are increased to 7% and trading can also be done in crypto or fiat.

Education and Market Insight

The broker understands the place of education in trading and maximizing profits. As such, it bases the bulk of its research on exposure and enhancing the knowledge of its clients. harnesses its years of experience to provide clients with adequate resources.

Its homepage opens to an information tableau, and it includes market insights as well as news titbits that could be relevant to trading decisions. Other useful information on the site includes the clients’ or market sentiment. This shows the clients’ short and long percentage.

The platform also opens to a learning option which includes Basics in trading, Trading dictionary, Courses, Webinars, Trading bias, Profiles of company as well as Trading Guides.

These tools provide more insights into trading, harnessing market dynamics to promote further market interaction and how well to make trading decisions.

Before Deciding to Trade on is a regulated Tokenised asset exchange. This means that it is subject to several requirements. Clients are required to provide documents of identification such as a government-issued ID card and residency permits (identification of residence such as utility bill).

It is advisable to go through the privacy policy and read through the fine print of the broker for compliance. Trading is relatively easy, and the maximum deposit is $24,000.

What You Need to Know has established itself as the stellar innovative platform. It is a platform that plays a huge role in advancing a link between the crypto world and existing market structures.

Featuring a wide range of financial instruments and offerings, provides one of the best fit for investors with aims of diversifying their assets portfolio. This broker offers entry into the world’s most liquid market and exposes its clients to several avenues of maximizing their revenues from digital trading.

Its trading platform is developed to accommodate the needs of clients of all experience levels. As a result, it features a wide range of tools and programmes tailored for a more profitable venture.

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