The Fight Between Off-the-shelf and Custom Software

A decade-old fuss has seen a continuation and it is related to the decision making strategy of the enterprises. Deciding on which type of software to buy has always troubled the enterprises and we must know the reason behind the fuss. The decision needs to be made between two major types of software – off-the-shelf software and custom software.

Off-the-shelf software is ready to use software and they can be used as soon as the installation process gets completed. On the other hand, custom software is developed according to the requirements of the clients. There is a huge gap between the two major types of software and their usage in the market.

The cost factor

Cost plays an important role in the decisive phase in this case. The off-the-shelf software is priced moderately and the custom software is priced on a higher side. There is a reason for this pricing difference. The off-the-shelf software is designed for generic usage and is distributed largely in the market. Custom software development is a rigorous process and it has to be done based on the mentioned requirements of the client. Custom software is not for generic usage and it caters to selective clients.

Another reason for such a cost difference between the two software types is the time needed for developers to complete the entire software development lifecycle. Off-the-shelf software is a generic software type and requires less time compared to the custom software type which highly depends on the large set of client requirements. The budget of the project will also increase with the increase in requirements.

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Ease of Implementation

Coding has become simpler in the current scenario and is expected to become simpler in the future. People now have a basic idea of coding and things are fairly easier to understand now. The complexity of coding is relevant to the ease of implementation of the software. Coding is considered a crucial aspect of the overall app development process and it involves phases such as testing, UX, designing, and many more.

Custom software development is quite difficult compared to the off-the-shelf software development process. The enterprise has to bear out with the bugs in the custom software and the reexamination and debugging needs to be done to remove them for better efficiency. That is not the case for off-the-shelf software. Before their launch in the market, they are thoroughly tested and the bugs are removed for complete smoothness in their usage.

Integration factor

Software products these days support integration with various mainframe network models and business models which eventually increase their scope of usage. The products aim for seamless integration with the other enterprise products and this is the current trend in the market.

The market is an ever-changing environment and custom software can be an advantage here. The extra time and investment required in custom software development and custom web development can surely exploit the advantages of seamless integration facilities.

Timely upgrades

Upgrades are essential when it comes to any software type. Upgrades remove the bugs in the software and enhance their performance. Off-the-shelf software receives regular updates from the development team. These updates and upgrades do not fall heavy on the pocket and guarantee full customer support. The only thing is the enterprise needs to wait for the development team to release the upgrades and till then they cannot proceed further with their work.

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That is not the case for custom software. The custom software development team has the freedom to roll out updates whenever they want and the enterprise does not need to wait longer for the upgrades. Be it custom web development or any other aspect, the upgrades or changes can be done by the team at any time.

Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage is the sole motto of the enterprises in every industry they belong to. They have managed to make a custom software product through custom software development or be it a custom web solution through custom web development. Their software will be one of a kind and that software is solely made for them and as per their requirements. The enterprise gets a competitive advantage in the market.

Both off-the-shelf and custom software has its pros and cons. But the usage and its productivity depend solely on the users and the type of work they are used for.


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