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What are disaster recovery services? How are they relevant in the COVID-19 age?

Disaster recovery services: The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has emerged as one of the most critical global emergencies within a short span of time. It has drastically changed the economic, political, societal, and cultural facets of global nations and the healthcare ecosystems have been at the receiving end of the harshest impacts.

Due to lockdown and social distancing measures to contain the further spread of the coronavirus, the business ecosystem has also undergone a rapid change. Most factories, production houses are shut for an indefinite period and supply chains have been impacted beyond repair at the moment. To combat the situation, businesses are adopting alternate strategies such as encouraging the remote working culture, looking for local suppliers and distributors and operating with a skeleton crew on the premises.

While disaster recovery services are not entirely a new concept as they are in place for the last four decades. Still, situations like the COVID-19 pandemic have emphasized the dire need for such services not only to survive but strive. According to Gartner’s recent Business Continuity Survey, approximately 12% of organizations are highly prepared for the COVID-19 impact. This makes disaster recovery a must in the COVID-19 age. It would be apt to say, disaster recovery solutions will continue to be helpful even after there is an improvement in the pandemic situation.

Considering the wide-scale demand, there are many esteemed outsourcing service providers for disaster recovery such as Expert Callers. Their call centers offer a comprehensive suite of offshore disaster recovery services to enable businesses to keep their mission-critical systems up and running without any glitches. With a diverse end-to-end managed service backed by best-in-class tech infrastructure, disaster recovery outsourcing providers ensure smooth business operations. They ensure quick recovery of critical and sensitive business information and minimize downtime efficiently.

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That being said, the need for disaster recovery service, the scope and specifications may vary from business to business. Here, the outsourcing service providers step in to offer tailored services to suit the business requirement. They are often equipped with multiple recovery plans and implement them on a pilot basis from start to finish.

Here’s why disaster recovery service providers are pivotal in the times of COVID-19 pandemic:

  • They help businesses ready to encounter drastic circumstances by running them through a set of priority data restoration plans.
  • They take on a holistic approach to disaster recovery, from planning to assessment.
  • They follow the best practices pertaining to disaster recovery resource allocation.
  • They always keep a backup system transparent to all the users and stakeholders.
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive support are available throughout the year.
  • Recovery services adopt a multi-pronged approach in trying times such as COVID-19. Here are some of the key ones.
  • They ensure the continuity of workflow by keeping the employees of a business connected at all times from diverse locations and creating a safe working environment.
  • They assist businesses in de-densifying their workspaces, limit the travel undertaken by employees as much as possible, and promote greater alignment with the safety and sanitization guidelines, and best practices.
  • They assist businesses in identifying priorities and critical processes, functions such as healthcare, supply chain, employee payroll, client payments, etc.

Along with disaster recovery, the significance of business continuity planning is more than ever essential and critical at the outset of COVID-19.

Here are some of the key reasons why businesses should consider Expert Callers as their outsourcing partner for recovery services.

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Operational Stability: The team at Expert Callers offers a comprehensive solution for disaster recovery, data backup, and storage. It plays a pivotal role in minimizing the effects of disruption caused by the disaster and offers greater operational stability to the businesses.

Compliance: Disasters usually wreak havoc in the functional aspects of a business. And, at such junctures, meeting legal, and regulatory requirements is even more critical. The team at Expert Callers helps businesses in meeting the critical legal, and other regulatory requirements during the disasters such as COVID-19 pandemic.

Financial Risk Mitigation: Apart from the healthcare ecosystem, the financial and economic ecosystems have been rather harshly impacted by COVID-19. Most businesses are enduring the counter-effects of lockdown, social distancing, and other virus containment measures. Either businesses are being shut down temporarily or they are operating at a limited staff capacity. Managing the clientele and customer base has also emerged as a challenge. Amidst this, financial risk is quite common for several businesses. However, with proper planning, this risk can be minimized up to an extent. Here comes the role of an outsourcing service provider for disaster recovery. The team at Expert Callers follows stringent practices and standard operating procedures in assisting businesses to deal with financial risks and mitigating them.

Some of the other reasons that make Expert Callers a good choice for outsourcing partners.

  • Most trusted, robust disaster recovery management
  • The team comprises of domain and technology experts with the requisite expertise
  • Great data security and infrastructure enabled by enterprise-class data center
  • State-of-the-art hosting facilities to equip businesses for any dire scenarios
  • High-converting disaster recovery services in a cost-effective manner
  • Highly-efficient, robust, and seamless data backup and restoring systems
  • Experts for all the technical, operational, and administrative responsibilities to ensure smoother operations
  • High-level of information security backed by encryption, firewall, IDS technologies
  • High-speed internet connectivity, computers, peripherals, network, and communication equipment despite disastrous scenarios.
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Here’s a way forward for businesses to navigate the trying times of COVID-19 and its aftermaths and remain resilient in their business operations.

  • Adopt a collaborative work culture augmented with critical knowledge workers and enabled by digital technologies
  • Leverage agile, and flexible workspace models and encourage a remote working culture
  • Adopting a distributed global services model will ensure high performance at all times

For further queries on disaster recovery management outsourcing, do get in touch with the experts at Expert Callers today!

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