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7 Cheapest Way to Drive Traffic to a Website

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Content for content sake is not an option anymore.

What you really should try is creating link-worthy content. Design content that helps you acquire backlinks as they remain the vitally important ranking factor.

So, here are seven tested tactics you can use to create content worthy of links.

Cheapest way to drive traffic to a website

1. Write evergreen content

Trends come and go. Ensure you have evergreen articles that stay useful for a long period of time. Don’t forget to create a catchy heading to have a high CTR.

2. Create a resource center

Have you composed great guides, ebooks, and case studies? Make sure to organize them properly. Create an easily found resource center readers can link to.

3. Become a thought leader

Even if you aren’t yet, strive to be one! Confidently talk about stuff you are an expert in. Provide useful and interesting information. Be unique and authentic.

4. Include visual content

Solely infographics attract 12% more traffic. Add to this videos, memes, slides, and images to increase your content’s chances of being linked.

5. Compose rankings

These are classical listings with top tools, services, places to eat, whatsoever. Create content with valuable data to earn links. + The mentioned brands can link back to you.

6. Publish expert roundup articles

Those are listicles with some sauce to them. Gather expert quotes or thoughts on some topics. As such, mentioned authors are likely to link back to your article.

7. Mind formatting

No one will share the article if it looks like an unreliable source. So, use headings, bulleted lists, short sentences, bolding, visuals, and blockquotes.

Of course, all these tactics require time, effort, and money. Yet, we highly recommend using them to drive more traffic.

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