Enjoy Cough Syrup with Extra Profit of Tulsi and Honey

Talking about cough, it is a general reflex action that clears the throat of mucus or foreign irritants. Coughing to clear the throat is typically an infrequent action, although a number of conditions can trigger more frequent sessions of coughing.

You know coughs possess a range of possible causes. There are basically three phases to a cough:

  • Inhalation (it is breathing in).
  • Augmented pressure in your throat and lungs with vocal cords closed.
  • An explosive release of air when the vocal cords open, getting cough its typical sound.

If an individual coughs a lot, it can be a signal of an ailment. Many coughs are activated by infectious diseases, like that of the common cold, but there are even non-infectious reasons.  The good part is you can make the most of Torex cough syrup benefits and enjoy a smooth and comfortable experience.

 What are the Causes of Cough?

Most of the coughs are triggered by viruses and get cleared up in the absence of treatment.

A Couple of Causes of acute (short-term) cough

In most the instances , the infection is in your upper respiratory tract and impacts the throat, it is called a URTI or URI (upper respiratory tract infection). There might be examples such as:

  • Common cold
  • Flu
  • Laryngitis

If it is an LRTI (lower respiratory tract infection), the lungs would be infected, and/or the airways lower down from windpipe.  Couple of examples might be like:

  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis
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An extreme cough can even be caused by high fever.

Causes of chronic Cough

It may be triggered by:

  • Asthma
  • Smoking
  • Mucus drooling down throat from the back of the nose (post nasal drip)
  • GERD (gastro-oesophageal reflux disease)
  • A few medications ( like ACE inhibitors)

Chronic coughs in children are most often triggered by asthma, but might also be from circumstances like post-nasal drip or even GERD. Also, less common reasons of chronic cough in adults might be like TB (tuberculosis), fungal infections of lung, and also that of lung cancer.

How Tulsi and honey can Comfort Cough?

It is apparent that Tulsi leaves and honey is a perfect home remedy to fight seasonal cough. All you require to do is chew get the syrup that has these ingredients in them. It might not be known to you that Tulsi leaves has immunomodulatory compounds that not simply boost your immunity but even avert you from any sort of infections. The essential oils in the leaves have expectorant possessions that loosen mucus and also relieve chest congestion. The antitussive properties therein act effectively on the nerves that triggers cough, hence averting you from coughing. Honey is also known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties that dodge any type of bacterial and viral infections. It even has a soothing effect on the walls of throat relieving cough.


So, you can find goodness of Tulsi and honey in a single syrup. You must talk to torex cough syrup manufacturer and get yourself a syrup today. You can now heal cough properly with prompt steps.

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