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Essential Things One Should Know Before a Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a popular surgical procedure of the nose to improve the appearance, functioning, or both. A well-formed nose can greatly affect the overall looks of a person. Not only is the appearance essential but it also is its function. Both of these factors can be taken care of through rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that can raise certain doubts in the patient’s mind. Hence we bring to you these important elements that you need to know before going for rhinoplasty in Toronto or elsewhere.

Why get a nose job

There are different answers to this question. Rhinoplasty is a crucial operation that can be done to please the senses, reasons could include a bulbous tip, bumpy ridge, enormous nostrils, etc. Alternatively, certain congenital or accidental malformations can occur in the course of life, destroying the capacity of the nose. Some of the medical reasons include chronic sinusitis, sleep apnea, a broken bone, deviating septum, etc.

All of these can be corrected by undergoing a rhinoplasty. Sometimes people who suffer from a problem in breathing may additionally get some structural changes to enhance the appearance also.

What is the procedure?

There are several varieties in the exact procedure that is followed. During your initial visits before the surgery is performed, you can discuss it with your doctor to find the one that best suits your needs. Broadly there are two types of surgeries available

An open rhinoplasty requires incisions to be made at the base of the nose that is between the skin and the nostrils. In the closed approach, all the incisions are made inside the nose. The incisions will allow the doctor to cut away any bone, tissue, or cartilage to achieve the said results. After making the changes the doctor stitches the incisions back.

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Efforts are made to reduce scarring by being careful. The procedure is generally carried out under general anesthesia, but depending on the particular case it may be done under local anesthesia and IV sedation also. The total procedure takes about 3 hours.

Recovery and the road ahead

Patients are allowed to leave the same day or within a day depending on the complexities involved. The usual recovery time is about 2 weeks. Most people can resume work within this duration. You will be asked to take some precautions such as avoiding strenuous activities and sleeping upright. You can use a cold compress or ice around the nose to help lower the inflammation.

Following the instructions given by your surgeon will help you recover smoothly and will also reduce scarring. Analgesic medications are prescribed to soothe the pain. The changes will be visible right after the surgery. Minor changes take place up to 12 months in some cases.

The swelling and bruising will gradually improve over a week. The nasal cast is removed in about 14 days at the latest.


Rhinoplasty surgeries are mostly safe nevertheless nobody can guarantee success in each case. Some complications could occur such as septal perforations or infections. These are very rare and have happened in single-digit cases. Sometimes the desired results in terms of appearance may not be achieved that can be catered through a revision or second surgery. The point to note here is that the prime objective of the surgery would be to ease breathing. Complications that should be reported are

  • Severe nosebleeds
  • Reduced sense of smell
  • Ongoing pain or inflammation
  • Numbness around the nose or nasal tip
  • Infection
  • Difficulty breathing
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Conclusion- Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure. Hence care is required on the part of the patient and the surgeon. Majorly, the procedure does not produce many hurdles and should not be thought of as a dangerous procedure. In an event of doubts in your mind, discussion with your surgeon is a good option. Medical history, age, and any other diseases that you have must be told to the doctor right away.


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