Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Web Hosting Service in Pakistan

Building a website is not enough for the successful operation of the website you would need the right web hosting. Every website requirement is different therefore deciding the web hosting plan could be very difficult. Most of the Web Development Pakistan service providers either provide hosting services along with website development or they would refer to a web hosting company. However, in this article, we would discuss some important points that would help you to decide what type of web hosting plan your website needs.

Amount of Disk Space Needed:

Every website needs a certain amount of disc space on a server to store the data of the website. This is the most basic and essential requirement of every website. The amount of that storage space depends on the size of the database of the website. Any websites that have high-resolution images can occupy a lot of disc space compared to a simple text-based site. However, the online server space is not that expensive you could get a very economical deal for a huge amount of disc space. A normal webpage is mostly under fifty to sixty bites including all the images and text on it. So, if you get twenty megabits of space on the server you are good to go and you could increase it with the growth of your website.

The Bandwidth of The Website:

Bandwidth allocation of the website decides how efficient and what rate the data is being transferred to and from the website. That is why you need to invest in it so that the customer doesn’t turn away from your site just because of the slow response. The amount of required bandwidth depends on various factors and web development companies such as the Webmaster Eye would give you the exact figure. However, most websites don’t need bandwidth greater than o.6 GB per month. But if your website offers download of software, audio and videos then you would need some extra bandwidth. In this scenario, the requirement might reach up to nine to ten GB of bandwidth per month. So always ask the web development company for the exact bandwidth requirements of the website.

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Server Type:

there are two types of servers available for web hosting one is windows 2000 web hosting server while the other is the Linux web hosting server. Normally you don’t have to worry about the type of server you are using for your online presence. Mostly small blog sites or business sites don’t need a specific server for their operation and you are fine with both of them. However, windows 2000 web hosting servers are a little bit more costly than the Linux web hosting servers. So, opting for Linux would save you a few bucks per month.

Customer Support:

Whichever company you get your web hosting services from you need to investigate their customer support services. You would need some help from them in the future regarding the update and maintenance of your web hosting plan. Therefore, before buying any plan from the company verify how effectively their customer support could handle the issues. Moreover, determine whether they have the necessary equipment to provide these services. Communicate with them ask them the right questions about your needs and requirement. This would help you to get an idea of how they dealt with customer

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