Fantasy Kabaddi- A Dream Come True

Kabaddi, just by reading this word, do you recall anything? Playing kabaddi on school grounds to enjoying it on TV, don’t you feel excited as if you are standing there instead of those pro kabaddi players? Don’t you get heated up when one takes the blow & you start cheering when your favourite team wins the game? People in India, really get excited to watch kabaddi, why? Must be because of a symbol of youthfulness & Friendship, that’s why it is supported by every Indian, either rich or poor, doesn’t matter. Well the important question is “Do you still miss playing it?” Assuming your answer is yes, you have the chance to play kabaddi but in your fantasy version.


Fantasy kabaddi game, adapting the wild and youthful sports into fantasy sports. Here, you have the freedom to play kabaddi fairly with rewards as a bonus or awesome cash back. You can enjoy your former sport most safely and show your zeal towards it with just your internet and your fingertips, that’s all you need. You can bring back all the childhood memories by playing fantasy kabaddi. The next question that starts probing in your mind is “Where and how can we play?”


PlayerzPot, a virtual gateway to the fantasy sports world gives you the access to play any sports by using all your expertise & skills. You can play fantasy kabaddi here which assures an ample amount of incentives including cash prizes, guaranteed bonuses and astonishing cashback as well. Its particular guideline program will help you start playing the game for free. PlayerzPot invites every new user with sign up cash as a bonus into their accounts. You can get more when the mobile number and email are verified.


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So, now comes the contemplation that how the game should be played. There are few steps which you are required to follow to play and win prizes. 1st, you have to register yourself or login into your account. 2nd, you will have to choose a match and click for joining now. 3rd, you will have to create your Fantasy squad (9 players) using your virtual budget of 1000 Gems in your particular match. 4th, here you need to select a star player (2x), a captain (1.5x) as well as a 2 Z factors (0.5x), choose carefully as it will increase your score accordingly. You will have to join paid pot from a bonus cash of Rs.25. When the live match begins, the squad will also start earning out of the real performance. The rankings and scores will be stated after the match will end.


As we talked about the fantasy squad above, there are rules on how we have to select three types of players i.e all-rounders, defenders and raiders. Not only that but we are required to pick our players as mentioned in the 4th point carefully. While selecting a team, we must have a min. of 2 or a max. of 3 all-rounders. Their selection should be done after analyzing their previous records (especially their attacking record). Picking them from a single team can be a bit impulsive, try to elect from a team that is doing well, according to the match.


Next, we will be talking about how to select defenders. We need a min. of 3 and max. of 5 defenders while forming the team. Selecting a defender will all be depending upon the attacking lineup. If it is weak, you will need more defenders and if it is strong, you will be okay with few too. Try to select a defender who has as a better-attacking record as well as don’t pick from a single team only, selecting from different as per their records can really serve you more benefits during the game.

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Next, we will learn about how to select raiders. For a team, you require a min. of 2 and max. of 3 raiders. Try to have a raider, who has been a star player or captain for at least once. Don’t forget to do the background check. Last we are going to talk about selecting a star player, a captain and 2 Z factors.  Selecting them can bring in the twisting point in the game because they are capable of changing the entire game. The points they receive have a great impact on the game, so do select them wisely.  You can choose good raiders as star players although defenders won’t do any good. Qualified defenders can be considered for the captain. Try not to select the star player and the captain from the same team, they both together may not make any difference. The players who are unsure about their playing capability, they are marked as Z factors as they will be earning will be 0.5x points during their actual performance. This is how the selection procedure is done.


Fantasy sports are said to be as sports designed as in your fantasy version with impressive gaming and various rewards. Today people are getting more and more engrossed in work or study that they don’t have time for anything else. But if you ever desire to spend much time playing live matches and earning cash, especially former sports like kabaddi, you must play fantasy kabaddi. It can help in refreshing all the memories of your childhood and you can earn enough cash side by side too. Fantasy sports take you to a virtual world where you are allowed to play as you want and it won’t stop there, it will not only allow you to play your sports but also help you earn.

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So if you are looking to play fantasy kabaddi, PlayerzPot gives you various opportunities as well as a platform to play and earn. Online gaming is setting its foot at every level. Everyone is aware of it. If you are a student and you want to earn part-time or you work and you want to earn extra cash, don’t think, you just have a perfect deal in front of you. Go for it!


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