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How long is a fashion design course? A Complete guide

A fashion degree course is typically a 3-year programme that allows you to imagine, ideate and create. It allows you to learn from the best minds in the fashion business to develop robust industry knowledge and design sensibilities that can set new trends, ultimately taking the fashion industry by storm. Read this article to get an overview of the BA fashion design course.

fashion design course
fashion design course

Why should you take this course?

The Fashion Team here in London are all experienced practitioners in their respective fields and will give you an in-depth idea of intellectual, research and practical processes.

The course curricula include a regime of formative and summative assessment that allows students to develop their creative skills continuously with clear tutorial guidance. 

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Who should apply for this programme?

This BA in Fashion Design degree is structured to provide not just a creative but informed approach to materials and operative processes for fashion. The primary emphasis of the programme is to investigate the purpose of sustainability, ethics and protection of the environment, and the overall impact of the fashion industry.

This sort of unique focus sets the programme apart from other educational providers of fashion. Although challenging, such a focus that needs to be addressed in the fashion industry globally as a whole. The course will also provide an opportunity to explore the possibilities of expert-level knit and print fabrics, alongside vintage weaved and more contemporary materials. 

Opting for this programme will give you a good grounding of the limitations and possibilities of the fabrics to innovate and create futuristic designs. The first few semesters will help you develop pattern-cutting technologies for the fashion sector. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of textile and garment construction techniques with an added emphasis on sustainable methods of garment production. 

You can further make an in-depth analysis and selection of materials to underpin diverse ways of sustainability. As a student, you will also be encouraged to make an experimental and innovative approach to design, along with developing an understanding of commerciality and target markets.

In their final year, students are usually exposed to challenging situations to produce solutions (their final collections) that served the needs of a buyer while maintaining sustainable production methods. Graduates holding a bachelor’s degree in fashion design will possess both an artistic and creative skillset fully prepared to join the ever-changing and fast-paced fashion industry with a purpose to serve the society.

What is the learning outcome of this course?

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On successful completion of the undergraduate programme in fashion design, you will be able to design and develop concepts, techniques and ideas for fashion, all within a sustainable and ethical framework for consumers. You will be able to present and articulate ideas based on strategies by demonstrating creative thinking, risk-taking and problem solving within the fashion industry.

Apply to the programme today to produce a variety of fashion designs for professional and commercial audiences, in no time.


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