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Formation of words_How new Words are Formed?

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There are millions of words in almost every type of language through which people communicate with each other. Even there are several words that have the same meanings. Even same words have different meanings in different situations. These words play a vital role in understanding meanings of the different things. In the English dictionary, there are thousands of words with more than and one meaning. These are widely learning and understand by millions of people throughout the world. Several new words enter in English dictionary every year.

Global Language Monitor says that the main about 5400 new words are created each year. It is very important to know that these new words every year are created by whom and how they created them? Shakespeare is well known all around the word and he is the most popular neologies because near about 500 words first appear in his works. But we don’t know whether he invented these words or he picked up them from somewhere else.

So, what is the most efficient way of coming up with how new words are formed?

The key is to relax your mind and start with peace. We cannot stress this fact enough. If you are confused and angry at yourself for not being able to figure it out, or even frustrated at the nature of the question, then you need to step back and take a deep breath right away. It is very important for you to do this, should you want to reach the conclusion of this question.

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Derivation of Words

The derivation is usually the most common method which is used to create new words. In this method, a prefix or suffix is added to an existing word.

Back Formation of Words

In back-formation, a phantom effect of the existing word is inverse in order to create the new word. For example, sleaze(noun) is the new word that is formed from an old word sleazy in 1967. Words like pea, enthuse, aggress, and donate are also formed by using this process of word creation.

Compounding of New Words

Usually, compound words are separate entities. They are not formed by existing words. We can say that new words are found without changing the form or sense of any existing word. Usually, in compounding nouns are formed. But words from other forms like preposition pronoun, verb, and adjectives are also so formed by the process of compounding.

Repurposing of words

Usually in repurposing a word is picked from one context and it is applied to another context. For example, the word crane was formed from the long neck bird and it is used to lift different types of heavy equipment. On the other hand, the mouse which is attached to a computer was named after the long-tailed animal.

Conversion of words

In the conversion of words, a word is picked from one class and it is transplanted into another class. For example, a word giant means a creature of very large size and it was a noun but until 15 century the word giant was taken as an adjective.

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Abbreviations of Words

Abbreviation of words is usually a very popular method that includes three main subtypes which are clippings, acronyms, and initialisms. For example, word mobile also means mobile vulgus, rifle as rifled pistol and laser as light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation.

Error of words

Usually, errors in words like misspellings, mishearing, and mispronunciation have the ability to produce new words. These types of errors produce really produce new words. But they are capable to produce new forms of words in conjunction with other mechanisms. For example, the words shit and science are basically formed by a single route due to a large sequence of shifts and errors.

Portmanteaus of Words

Portmanteaus include usually compounding with a twist. One word is taken and its arbitrary portion is removed or the whole world is put into its place or a similarly clipped one. For example, words like the internet, sitcom are usually generated by this process of making words. On the other hand, some words came into existence by this method of combination of words. For example, the word yippee is made from the word young and upwardly mobile.

It is no doubt that some words are also famous by different methods of creation throughout ages. From different centuries different words are formed by different languages like French and Indian languages. Advancements in existing words and the creation of new words are done for centuries. But nowadays when we talk about word formation there is only a single player in the town and that is portmanteau.

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