10 Genius Products That Will Make Traveling With Kids So Much Easier

Without a doubt, traveling with kids is a daunting task. Their seemingly irritable habits and great curiosity during the journey will leave you exhausted, overly jittery, and at the brink of going crazy. Fortunately, you can leverage some travel accessories to keep your kids busy and maintain your sanity. Below are some of the top baby products to include in your packing bags as you plan an expedition with your kids for a trip and leisure.

The JetKids Bed Box

Most parents would attest that kids and travel bags make up the main luggage of their journeys. However, the JetKids Bed Box solves one issue. This multifunctional travel bag features an inbuilt ride-on suitcase that makes it portable and doubles as a bed for your little one during a trip. It eliminates the challenge of having a travel bag and a kid to attend to during the journey.

Skyroam Solis X Wi-Fi Smartspot

The Skyroam Solis X Wi-Fi Smartspot makes it easy to keep your digitally inclined kids busy during a trip. The device features a charging station, Wi-Fi capabilities, a smart assistant, and a live streaming remote camera that eliminates the need to invest in costly cellular devices. The device can be shared with multiple devices at a fee. The only limitation with this and other smart trip accessories is that they don’t work on cruise ships and airplanes.

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Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer

Another must-have accessory in your travel bag is the Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer. It is one of the important travel accessories, especially if you planned a last-minute travel and your kids didn’t eat enough before leaving home. The accessory plugs into your car’s lighter outlet to heat the bottle to warm any fluids.

My Brest Friend Travel Nursing Pillow

Getting your baby into a comfortable position during your trip and leisure can be challenging, especially when breastfeeding. However, this can be simplified by investing in a portable travel pillow, such as the My Brest Friend Travel Nursing Pillow. It inflates to provide comfort while saving on space.

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Melissa & Doug Reusable Stickers and Pad

Melissa & Doug Reusable Stickers and Pad provide an easy way to keep your kids active and happy during a trip. As the name suggests, they are reusable and do not stick on clothes, eliminating the common nuisance that comes with permanent stickers. They can last for months, making it easy to keep restless kids occupied during a trip.

Travel Doodle Portable Activity Pad

Kid drawing - kids

The Travel Doodle Portable Activity Pad provides another ingenious way of keeping your kids mess-free during planes and road trips. With the pad, your kid can sketch and doodle all the way. You only need to add some splashes of water to the pen.

Music Player for Kids

Another great recommendation by travel blogs for digital-savvy kids is the Music Player for Kids. Before introducing your little ones to tablets and smartphones, the player can keep them occupied during a trip. The player comes with music learning games, multiple song genres, and headphones to avoid noise problems. They are perfect for kids aged between 3 and 6 years.

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Tula Baby and Toddler Carrier

Kid drawing

A baby carrier is probably one of the essential things you should have in your travel bag. In this case, the Tula Baby and Toddler Carrier is an excellent choice, thanks to its well-padded shoulder straps and waistbands that distribute weight evenly. This makes it possible to carry your baby for hours during hikes or park visits.

Baby carrier


GB Pockit Stroller

Parents with toddlers will find the GB Pockit Stroller an essential inclusion in their travel accessories. They are overly lightweight and fold into a compact size that fits in stowaway space and overhead airplane or vehicle storage compartments.

Portable Toddler Travel Bed

Kids and toddlers don’t understand that you are going on a trip and leisure when they fall asleep. Therefore, avoid the inconvenience of bulky portable cots by taking this Portable Toddler Travel Bed with you during a trip. The bed is lighter and easier to pack. You will need to inflate it if your kid falls asleep.


Traveling without the above-mentioned travel accessories can make your journey cumbersome. Therefore, as you look forward to leveraging various travel deals, consider including the above items in your travel bag. You can also share other vital additions in the comments section below.

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