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12 GOmovies Alternative Sites to Watch New Movies Online for Free

Looking for GOmovies alternatives? Check out this list of websites where you can watch new release movies online for free without signing up.

To all the movie lovers out there, the digital world has opened a door to countless ways to spend their free time watching movies. There are many sites on the internet that promise free movies in high quality, but offer only advertising and malware. For many years, GOmovies has been a welcome exception, offering an ever-increasing collection of movies to visitors from all over the world.

If you are using GOmovies site, it will be easier for you to find new things and watch older episodes of your favorite television programs.

GOmovies is one of the most reputable sites that serves as a streaming platform, where you can watch movies and TV shows for free. For example, if you want to watch the latest episode of the Sopranos, you can simply use GOmovies to search for “Sopranos Episodes.”

People who are used to using conventional media like DVDs and cable TV will have a much harder time adjusting to using GOmovies. It is important to note though that this streaming website offers a great user experience at no costs.

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But is GOmovies the best streaming site on the Internet? Wanting to answer this question, we personally tried many sites like GOmovies that have been available since December 2020 and came up with this list of the top 10 GOmovies alternatives where you can watch movies and TV shows when GOmovies are off or is not accessible.

In most EU and Western countries it may be illegal to use some free streaming sites that are considered piracy – so it is a good idea to keep some alternative streaming sites in mind.


The following is a list of the best GOmovies alternatives, where you can enjoy a variety of cinematic fruit palettes – from classic and b movies from the early 20th century to the new blockbusters. Keep in mind that not all sites will offer the same service, so be sure to pay attention to the description.

Before we get to that, let’s first explore what GOmovies is and what makes it such a great and popular streaming site.

What Is GOmovies?

GOmovies 2021

GOmovies was first lunched around 2015 during its peak with almost 100 million active users. Unfortunately for its owners and visitors, the site was shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in October 2017, which sent ripples across the streaming community.

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The original GoMovies domain name ( no longer works, is now a replacement domain name. Although the original site is no longer active, the spirit of GOmovies lives on through various unblocked and mirrors sites listed below.

The problem with GOmovies clones and mirrors is that their quality tends to hit or lose – but mostly loses. You will come across very annoying ads, links that lead to malicious websites, slow servers and so on.

For this and other reasons, many former GOmovies users have moved to other sites. We encourage you to at least explore the GOmovies alternatives available and decide whether it is worth sticking to GOmovies.

Is GOmovies Legal and Safe?

The legitimacy of GOmovies, as well as sites like GOmovies, is governed by local law and each country is different in this respect. In some countries, flow is perfectly legal and is not regulated in any way. However, there are also countries, such as the United States or Germany, where flow is not legal.

Remember that using a website like GOmovies for commercial purposes is one thing to watch movies on GOmovies or similar websites for your personal entertainment from the comfort of your home. The former could give you a slap on the wrist, but the latter can send you to jail.

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GOmovies Mirrors

Here is a list of GOmovies mirrors. All of the mirrors listed below were accessible at the time of this writing.

URLStatusvpn wifi icon Speed vpn shield SSL Power button OnlineHigh Speedvpn icon ok Active
https://gomovies.ecvpn Power button OnlineHigh Speedvpn icon ok Active
https://gomovies.landvpn Power button OnlineHigh Speedvpn icon ok Active
https://gomovies.movievpn Power button OnlineHigh Speedvpn icon ok Active
https://gomovies.mnvpn Power button OnlineHigh Speedvpn icon ok Active
https://gomovies.ltdvpn Power button OnlineHigh Speedvpn icon ok Active
https://gomovies.mxvpn Power button OnlineHigh Speedvpn icon ok Active
https://gomovies.coolvpn Power button OnlineHigh Speedvpn icon ok Active

Best GOmovies Alternatives

1. GoStream

If there was an award for the most polished streaming site, we’m sure GoStream would get it. Indeed, GoStream looks like a premium website, although it does not require a single registration. You can enter the name of the movie you want to watch, click on its thumbnail and click play.

2. FMovies

If you are looking for GOmovies Alternatives to watch new movies and TV shows, you do not need to get your hands dirty. FMovies provides the latest Box Office deals. You can watch in HD with subtitles, without conditions. Stream, store and organize media as you wish. You may want to develop a VPN, although this is only necessary in the case of torrenting. If you do not want to pay for a VPN, just use any free VPN service like Anonytun VPN.

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3. YesMovies

YesMovies is a great GOmovies alternative that is not only characterized by its ever-growing popularity, but also the fact that the distinctive user interface and ease of use are most likely the best. This streaming site YesMovies also has a decent database and an aesthetically pleasing view. Hence, it is not surprising that she has a large following.YesMovies is known for being a very useful illegal online streaming site.

4. Primewire

Our list of the best GOmovies alternatives wouldn’t be complete without Primewire, one of the oldest and most respected streaming sites around. Specializing in movies released since 2020, Primewire is a great place to find new high quality releases. What we really like about Primewire is the fact that the site’s movie player can be controlled via keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can press the spacebar to pause your movie, enter or exit full screen mode with the F key, or search back 60 seconds by pressing the J key to re-watch an interesting scene.

5. Antmovies

Antmovies is a fast streaming site with a simple design that makes it easy to discover new movies as well as timeless classics. Registered users can submit links to movies and request that movies be added to the Antmovies library.

6. ZMovies

ZMovies is a great streaming alternative that is comparable to some other websites that use torrent service to stream their movies. I would like to advise this for users who want to feel great while searching for their next movie. It contains a quality film labeled in miniature, which is a remarkable privilege.

7. Movie4u – Best Site GoMovies

Movie4u is not as popular as most of the other streaming sites featured in this article, but it is still a fantastic GoMovies alternative. Why; Because the site runs fast and has a wide variety of movies of all kinds. Sometimes movies are available on Movie4u even before they appear on more popular sites, which indicates that its administrators are committed to improving the site. The only thing we don’t like about Movie4u are the annoying pop-ups that appear when you click on a movie. Fortunately, there is nothing easier than installing a pop-up blocker.

8. Movie4K

When it comes to well-designed streaming sites with easy navigating features, Movie4K is at the top. Movie4K lists movies by genre, country, IMDb rating and other criteria to help you find something interesting in no time. The ads, while there, are not annoying, so the site can be used even without adblock software.

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9. Niter

If you are looking for GoMovies alternatives for any reasons at al, Niter site is the best replacement. It’s one of the lesser known movie streaming sites out there, This site offers you an incredibly large set of details that you can arrange and modify to a type you like from the release year to the movie duration. is also the best alternative to GOmovies, as the movie genre goes from the safest to the age of 18+, so be careful if you want to offer specific powers to minors in the family!

10. Afdah

Afdah is one of the top alternatives to GoMovies and the two sites have a lot in common. Initially, both Afdah and GoMovies can be identified by their blue and gray colors and minimalist design. Most importantly, both sites do not contain too many ads that could otherwise ruin the user experience. They contain thousands of movies and TV shows, all accessible at the touch of a button and from anywhere in the world. We like that Afdah places a very prominent search bar right in the center of the page, making it very easy to find interesting content to watch.

11. ProjectFreeTV

ProjectFreeTV is a well-designed streaming website that will meet the needs of even the most demanding web streaming fans. The site has more than 3,000 followers on Twitter and we strongly recommend that you follow it and be one of the first to hear about new features and scheduled shutdowns.

12. StreamDor

StreamDor is yet another popular online watching site that provides clean layout, great speeds, great reliability, and a huge collection of entertainment contents. StreamDor is a great movie streaming site which is a good alternative to GOMovies.

Not many people expected StreamDor to be so successful when the site was first released not so long ago, but the site has managed to establish itself as a reliable source of the latest movies. All you have to do to watch a movie on StreamDor is click on a poster and click on the play button – it really couldn’t be simpler than that.

Conclution About GoMovies

Now that you’re familiar with available GoMovies alternatives, hat do you think? We may have missed a major up and coming website in our list of the best GOmovies alternatives that is somewhat unknown. So do not hesitate to discuss something else in the notes. You can always talk about whether you want to say something positive or negative about our discussed suggestions!


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